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The World Through Your Eyes


clear sky is some of the best :open_mouth: it’s been really clear here today.


That’s a rare sight around here ^^ moar sunny pics CrazR! where u from btw?


I have a picture here of when it first snowed here for the first time in 2 years. The pennines always catch our snow so we never get any :’(

Just seeing if there’s any other old ones I have

Nah just some crappy red sky pictures xD

And nothing else really, here’s 90% of what I normally see out my window.


That’s a very nice photo of dusk!

Snow is one of those things that you wish for if you don’t have it, but when you do, you wonder why you ever wished for it… :wink: I would take a nice :sunny: day any day!


naw I love snow :smiley: as long as children aren’t throwing it in my face I’m so serine when snow comes by. this was about a month ago that snow :open_mouth: the beast from the east, I thought your icon was Ksibs sorry xD

hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent photos on my 10 year old camera :open_mouth: with a broken flash that I don’t need.


I find that my cell phone takes some nice photos, so I don’t have to worry about not having my camera on me nowadays. :slight_smile:


It’s all good, @CrazR was complaining that I changed my profile picture too much…


imagine in 10 years time no one isn’t going to know what a cell phone is.

and is going to assume that every single one of them could take hologramatical pictures.

and no worries about the icon I just based a whole sentence on you knowing the discord group too xD


Snow is great. I love how the world suddenly becomes so much quieter when blanketed in snow.

But, yeah, I agree sometimes there is too much of a good thing :smile:


tell that to my cocaine addiction.

disclosure 18+

I fucking hate cocaine, how people could ever describe it as good is beyond me, yet I did describe it… so are we in a paradox? are we all right now just part of the swirling mind of an adolescent god?


This is how it started…


Funnily enough…


Idk if I have such :open_mouth:
That’s a secret cause it’ll cause me a hundred stupid jokes I’ve all heard before xP

Here snow & sun to please everybody

and the other side of the spectrum:




can we swap please :’(


Am sorry to tell you but this is indeed real snow and not a mountain of cocaine @kylehayman361 :frowning:

btw my reply to those ants:



I still want it

all the snow.

it must be mine.

must roll in it.

like doggo.


snuffle snuffle.


We are just a very rich ppl, so most look for new ways to spend their mountains of money on…
many buy a snow machine ever since it was on the news how expensive it is to let those run in the summer :sweat_smile:


husbando: oh wifey poo, we must find a way to exert our EMOOOOORMOUS piles of cash, what say you dear?

wifey poo: I say I heard on the news box that there’s a snow machine that creates snow, and they cost a royal fuck tonne in the summer


this sounds like a great idea for a sketch show man, get the press on the phone.


A picture I took around here somewhere earlier this winter.


A couple photos from my kitchen view (ignore the blur in the first photo i was using a horrible cheap android phone when i took it.) The first photo i took in January and the second is a photo i took earlier this morning.

Also a picture of my “road” (if you could even call it that) and view from my bedroom because why not.

Also what is this magical substance called “snow” you speak of.


@Fraggles and @acb234, what a great set of photos back to back, just for contrast, showing us what different environments we live in. Thanks for sharing!