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The World Through Your Eyes


picture report:

the sun set :’(

flash is broken xD


So I went on a 4-day trip to a countryside for my birthday, to a city called Águas de Lindóia. Wonderful place.

Great people, beautiful sights. One of the reasons I went is because I have been too sick for too long – years. I’m better, and I guess views like these played a big part on my somewhat recovered health:

(sorry for low quality, haven’t uploaded the camera photos yet)


I hope you’re jealous, fools!

it’s a whole family and they were like trotting majestically on an Indian line and making these cute noises and eating grass and there were DOZENS of them everywhere and I was giggling like a 5-year-old little girl who has been gifted her first unicorn plushie.


It’s a colony of Solenopsis invicta or the Red Imported Fire Ant. They are actually quite small, the larger ant is a queen, and I just decided to zoom way, way in.

I know they are an invasive species… please try to focus the vitriol and anger to somewhere other than me.

also, @CrazR nice leafhopper.


I certainly am! I have only seen them in zoos… wish to see a happy family of capybaras in their natural habitat one day. :slight_smile:

By the way, that was a really nice rooftop sunset photo! Or sunrise?

I guess it was just really hard to tell, no reference… Nice colony though!


It’s a leafhopper? I mean it does hop a lot so that makes sense…but it’s so freaking tiny I always wondered what kind of bug it was :sweat_smile:

But ants are great anyway! Super strong, they all work for their queen, they all got their own “jobs” for life, they look cool even under a microscope…I am a big fan of them :sweat_smile: Of all the bugs considered as vermins, ants really just seem misunderstood to me, I mean the worst thing they can do is bite you, isn’t it? (I only know a few species :3 )

I am super jelly, Brasil has all that special tropical nature and me as avid nature fotographer…that’s def a dream country for a foto trip (I’d still be afraid of all the mean bugs & spiders you have tho lol).

Wonderful landscapes. :earth_americas::brazil::butterfly:
Can we please keep amazing places like this in mind when listening to news about preserving nature and slowing down global warming :see_no_evil:

Thank you for sharing @coralinecastell, also hug some carpybaras for me


Of course yesterday after I arrived at home from work, I saw these along my driveway, little Dutch irises to break in the new spring. :sunny:

By the way, @coralinecastell, this is at a local museum display, thought you would appreciate it. :butterfly:


Like this topic, @YQMaoski.
It’s raining here today but I am happy it is not snow. The day after “spring began”, it snowed here and we still have some left in large patches. It’s a dreary, bleak dull day.

But it is warming up…The animals are coming out of hibernation. I saw a chipmunk yesterday under our bird feeders but it was too fast to get a pic. Last night around 3am I was awoken by a smell I had not smelled since last fall.

Not my pic. The one I saw had a fluffier white head and tail but it limped. Was still too fast for me to get a pic.

Haven’t seen the raccoons yet but i know they are awake. They got into the neighbours garbage last night.


Just come to Brazil and be my guest! I’ll take you to several parks and crazy adventures! All are welcome, btw. :blush:

And it’s a sunSET photo! I wanted to see the sunrise one of the days I was there but it was too cold and my health didn’t allow me to do so, sadly. Next time for sure!

And thanks so much for the butterflies. You know me too well. :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

We don’t have mean bugs and spiders, my love.* That’s Australia, or so I’ve heard. I mean I’m alive thus far and I’ve taken quite a fair share of strolls deep into the wild and did some camping and all that stuff. So… COME TO BRAZIL BRO YOU’LL LOVE IT HERE.

I will personally capture and gently place all the bugs and spiders on pleasant green patches 5 meters away from you to keep you safe.

Also, Br government themselves don’t care a rat’s ass about preserving a crap here. It makes my blood boil to talk about this subject so I’ll refrain and I hope you understand. Do look up about the mess we have with indigenous territory and the Amazon “preservation”, though. It’ll make you shed some tears.

And sure bro I’ll hug dem capybaras dead for you – jk many of them have ticks that kill you so nope.

*EDIT: we do have mean ass sneks tho. I’ve had to kill a couple in my life, sadly. They’re mostly chill, though. I love sneks. :snake:


:scream: You’ve killed danger noodles :sob:


That’s an interesting way of putting it… I never heard of that one before!


This is the view I’ve been spending the most of my time within recently and why I have not been quite as active as usual lately.


Well, it is rather difficult to Scuba dive and be checking Chrono at the same time… :wink:


ah I see you built your base in the not scary shallows too xD


While it snowed only a couple of days ago, it seems that Spring has finally arrived!


Yes, I know, I am shamelessly bumping my own thread…



It’s supposed to be real icy this weekend and it’s boring/dull outside…

So I want to see through these eyes…In fact, EVERYONE should have a pair…


Neat idea… though the reviews don’t look too promising for this particular product.


alright, that’s it! i’m staying inside and never going out again, people have gone crazy! :dizzy_face: :persevere:
if this is the new fashion

well, then;

*grumple grumple :older_man:

(serious tho, electrical wires across the face look so attractive) :ok_hand: :wink:


PS. the world through my eyes; “right now”:

1.30 am, (can’t sleep), dark outside and phone cam is crappy with low light, -but nothing spectacular to see right here atm anyway,


Strangely enough, I enjoy oddly lit photos due to the camera’s trouble with exposure and movement…


Ais I love the poem and this gorgeous topic, hope more people share their pics.

Sunny day and I was outside? I had to take It.

And as an extra I bring to you... palm tree memes

And by memes I mean the sad story of my life, I’ve been spoting bloody palm trees left and right since I posted about It and taking pics.

But this is…

That’s the front of my house, I actually have one :man_facepalming:

@CrazR Would you believe this shit?