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The World Through Your Eyes


Ayyyyy, awesome dude! Take good care of that little palm bro! :hugs:


Thank you, and I love your photos!

That’s beautiful! And that building you took a picture of, is that a castle? I don’t have anything remotely resembling that near by me… Mostly I see houses, barns, lots of cows…

That’s an adorable little palm!


Inb4 I delete it

and I call this “the hand” even tho it requires you to be a bit creative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Going through my pics I noticed the HUGE jump in quality from S5 to S6 :exploding_head:


It’s absolutely amazing the quality of photos that phones can take nowadays…

Do you go through and delete a lot of photos? I don’t have enough photos to fill up the SD card that I usually just let it sit there…

It definitely looks like a hand, that’s for sure…


Well, I delete all the trash - mediocre stuff from time to time. I have an USB stick dedicated to all my pics and that’s like 10Gb+ of pictures and today I decided to go through all of it to tidy my collection up a bit :slight_smile:
Many pics look fine on a phone display, but once you check them out on the desktop you can notice things out of focus that appeared to be sharp before, or things like a tiny part of a finger that was a bit too close to the lens lol

I’m glad am not the only one seeing that :grin:

Edit: e.g. this looks cool imho but it’s out of focus :confused:

and then there are just pics I took cause it was cool to me at some point

(also out of focus ugh)


Auto-focus on phones often focuses on things that I don’t want it to.

I like that picture of the kalanchoe growing out of asphalt, surely nature telling us to stop messing with it… :slight_smile:

As for focusing on a bright object like the sun through the clouds… with the bright center and stark contrast, it’s always so difficult to take an in-focus photo, since there’s not much to focus on.


Dude I think I found a pic I took that you will like :grin:

I now remember that this was a very cute and calm ant :smile:


The castle thing was so adorable I went out and took a pic for you hahaha super sunny day again ^^

It’s just buildings hahaha cool looking for sure, but no castle.

They do look like tiny cute castles :joy: made my day srsly.

PT update

He’s name is Tim now.

@CrazR your photos are dope man :ok_hand: I liked the green breaking out of the road

Exactly what I said.


I checked back into this thread so much and it didn’t show me your reply :open_mouth:
Anyway, one can focus on the clouds so that often works just fine, often…

Why thank you @Rilover :blush:


I have some important questions, check your mailbox.


You are being so publicly secretive… :wink: :smile:


I am admitting I don’t know what the ant is, but I am going to figure it out.


well, now we all want to know what type of ant this is man


You and me both…


well y man, the fact that u don’t know rly intrigues me y know, I’m sure u usually know all ant types immediately, too me it just looks like a regular ant, rofl, i’m sure u asked him where he photographed it, lol


not even close, my ant ID is very bad… Actually the amazing thing was that my advisor also wants to know what it is…


yr advisor? for like a thesis or so?




nice man, i don’t mean to pry, and u certainly don’t have to answer if u don’t want to, but may we know its subject? I just like to hear about such things, and i quite respect someone who has expertise in a specific subject (or several). Sadly i’m not like that, but I’m a pretty good copy editor and am happy enough with that, lol


I work on ants and spiders… Everything else is classified but once I start publishing papers I can provide links to them (should be about a year or two).