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Indeed a beautiful photo, but I’m gonna need further clarification from @meneerpluis before I can like it :joy:


For dinner, but if you guys don’t like it I will go with some fish.


how is a mouse going to eat a squirrel?


That’s private.


Isn’t he a rabbit? The profile pic is a rabbit imo…

Not that a rabbit eating a squirrel would make more sense…


Maybe no clouds, but I spotted a chemtrail:


maybe meneerpluis is a bunny of the Caerbannog lineage? :thinking:


hm, i guess u r right y, weird that he didn’t correct that though, which leads me to think he’s neither and is in fact … an impostor click


It is a rabbit, but I did not think it was really adding anything to the conversation. Btw it is a character for a children’s book.


y i actually know him (i think so at least) from when i was young but can’t remember his name; i looked up Musti as that came to mind, but that seems to be a cat


He is the father of nijntje


y this must have been on tv when i was small cuz that’s the only way i’d know it


Look who showed up in the highlights section on my Firefox home tab:


There’s just no escaping the gnome :joy:

Why not the cow, bunny, little Kirito, or CrazR? Could it be possible that Firefox is run by @Gnuffi alts :thinking:




Creepy ass circus just now :confused:

Something about flickering happy lights and dead silence… Plus the color scheme Prrrrrr :confounded:


Good thing I don’t like circuses(?) anyway :sweat_smile::grimacing:


Three different colored hyacinth plants all blooming next to each other…

Lungwort with two differing colored flowers…


Burg Anhalt (what’s left of it) in the Harz area

New Years Day at the North Sea

Summer at my old workplace

Trains are the best!


Easter campfire


What a view! Looks absolutely lovely!

It’s good to see so many people at the beach at at New Year’s. Our beaches are too cold during the winter here…

Neat! I love little pieces of history/ruins, etc.

Too bad our general transportation here is private vehicle. Yes it’s convenient, but it’s definitely not environmentally friendly, when everyone around me drives V8 Trucks or SUVs and typically it’s 1 person per car per commute… I wish the US would focus a bit more on public transportation in the form of trains. Trains are mostly cargo and shipping instead of passenger here… I enjoy train rides myself.

Another nice view. Seemed like a perfect time to take that photo, the orange of the street lights at about the same hue as the distant sky, that chimney smoke stack stands out so strongly, it’s humans interacting with nature on multiple fronts in one photo.

We were all inside, away from the snow outside during Easter this year… A fire would have been nice too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


I have new Ants! Pictures will be probably up in 24 hours… but this is a general update that I was out digging up colonies and found cool stuff!