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Never heard of these spiders. Where’s @hivefleetbothan when you need him??


Those that have mesh guards are lower capacity facilities and/or secondary facilities in case of a failure elsewhere. Also, not all facilities have above ground incinerators and yes, the exhaust can also be disseminated below ground if designed in such a way; I’d presume you toured a non-incinerator facility, and I did say that most but not all have at least one incinerator. It is possible that that one does not, or it is as I said, underground.

One question though. How many chambers (if you recall) did the anaerobic digester have? Could answer for the entire thing.


no idea on the sludge digester. Do know that the final sludge product was used for fertilizer though. Not sure how that applies since trash and debris needs to be removed at the start of the process.

I had a look at another plant. This one has a smoke stack. So it’s possible it has an incinerator for trash and debris.

However, I do not believe that most WWTP have incinerators because most will be smaller capacity. Big city ones might, but there are a lot more small cities and towns.

Oh and your initial statement made it sound like water treatment plants also had them, which I’m not convinced of.


Saw this thing just chillin on my way to get some, disappointing unfortunately, breakfast.


Have a few of those in a reserve observatorium at the academy; otherwise, they’re nowhere else to be found, on the island at least.


Big flakes of fluffy white bullshit falling today.


Some on the ground here. I hope it stays for a while because…

  2. It would be very seasonally normal.
  3. Did I mention how much we really need the soil to be moist come the Spring?


My wife and I went out for some food, she dragged me into a GameStop for a side trip and wouldn’t let me leave without the Pichu and Megaman, I grabbed a couple of others as well…


So apparently there is this warning on the back of my off brand bandages.

There’s obviously a story behind this, and I’m not sure I want to know what level of stupid it involves.


It’s because of the antiseptic they’re sprayed with. This particular one can cause irreversible damage to the eye when it’s concentrated so.
It’s not a common knowledge, so better be safe and avoid applying those particular bandages anywhere near the eyes (which one might need, I know, I’ve dragged my face across concrete).


You and almost every pro BMX rider out there, I’m sure. #EvenProsBail
Benzalkonium Chloride is not a compound I am familiar with, but I am very well-versed in the damaging effects of Chlorine. It’s the chlorine that can damage the eye, and at that level of concentration likely will. I’d also avoid using these bandages over wounds that were once extractions of various skin growths like cysts as chlorine can cause cyst sacs to regrow.


Okay. But wouldn’t it make more sense to label it as ‘around the eyes’ instead? It says ‘in the eyes’ which makes me think someone tried to bandage their literal eye.


Yes, for me it would (or even better, “on the eyes”). But I’m not a native, so I can’t even say what “in the eyes” would normally mean (maybe “in the eye(s) area”? I don’t know).
That was just a general cautionary info from me (no eyes = no games).


I believe the idea is not to use the bandage as one for over the eye (use a cloth wrap instead because that’s far more efficient).


But what if you want to dress up as a pirate for the halloween but you are on a tight budget?..


High temperatures of about 6 deg C, low 40s F. A good radiant heater is welcome. :fire::fire:


Marshmallow roasting time!


That makes more sense since I was thinking more about a BBQ :cut_of_meat: :fire:


Anything warm, gooey and savory…


I would comment but I think I’ll talk about my recent store trip instead.

So I went to target for groceries and while I was there a remix of Third Eye Blind - Never Let You Go was played on whatever station they had going. I don’t really listen to alt rock anymore but still have a few of songs and the original song was one that I had. I did not really like remix at all. If I recall correctly - something I’m trying to refrain from doing - they synthed some of the vocals, had a female sing lead, and had a male as secondary. None of those changes are inherently bad, but it did not sound good in my opinion. I would go look for it to link but I’d rather not listen to that remix again.