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Can’t blame you. It was a beautiful looking fire… depending on your logs, maybe it smelled nice too?


@YQMaoski @Fraggles
Nice dishes gents. I shall challenge you with my fine scrambled eggs recipe


It’s love at first sight :heart_eyes: I need this T_T


Baby is here!


And it’s in. Need to get some black zipties to better managen power cables.


I see yon sloth is building a beast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe :stuck_out_tongue: i have actually went for Aorus varient of gigabyte OC but damn online shops around here takes orders for items they dont have so once payment cleared they were like ‘ heyyy there , sorry, but we do not have this item anymore BUT we can get you one IF YOU PAY MORE’ . I said fuck them and asked for a refund. Snatched last Gigabyte OC from another place .


Yup! I ain’t bout that neither. At least Amazon tells you it’s out of stock and usually gives a date for when it’ll be in >>


It’s hot and humid here. This heatwave is not something that can be seen visually because it doesn’t appear to be more than a partly cloudy day, but DAMN.

Temperatures at 90+ F, heat index at 100+ F, and Dew Points not far below the temps, it’s misery for anyone, but especially me. I avoid being out in it as much as I can.

Yeah, words describe this better than images ever could.

It’s not nearly as photogenic as the ten feet of snow that got dumped on Sweden back in 2017, or was it 2018? I forget when precisely, but I won’t forget the images of snow covered roofs, with the snowpack being taller than the houses themselves!


Todays dinner. Crunchy and extra hot chickpeas,slice of salmon with sesame crust and mashed avocado to relief heat from chickpeeks.


Looks good!

I don’t dig spicy stuff, but chickpeas are delish in so many recipes! Nix on the sesame seeds for me, but salmon is a delicately flavoured fish. I hope that went down a treat!


Looks like a nice, light meal.

Me? I’d go for tomato purée, large macaroni or similar pasta, and sausage, for a comparatively light meal, either paired with a strawberry-plum mash (drink), or a glass of PROPERLY FERMENTED, fortified red wine.

Not knocking your meal; getting chickpeas is bonkerballs expensive back home (I can buy ten pounds of potatoes for the same cost as it would to buy half a pound of chickpeas which is not all that much-trade exports can be ridiculous at times!).

Actually, I’d have to get all of those ingredients (or the seeds) from exports. I’ll just stop talking…lolz


Very nice baby, I would have went for Sapphire NITRO+ variant, way better performer for the same price, atleast in EU, plus it looks better, sick RGB options and full metal shell. Nevertheless, pretty baby.

Btw, did you get the AMD Radeon Raise The Game Bundle? Godfall and WoW Shadowlands for free.


I would as well but it is like 100 euro more expensive so it was out of my budget sadly.

Im not sure what is raise the game bundle sonim pretty sure i didint :smiley: just a card,no extra goodies.

Still ironing out some issues with it so i mean im not entitely happy with it.


Well, 5600 XT driver issues have been solved, not much till 5700 XT will hit perfection, don’t you worry.

So, there should be a promotion that comes with 5600/5700 and some ryzen cpus, the vendor must give you a code to activate the rewards either on the warranty, contract or via email. Maybe its only in EU right now? Not sure.

Hope you solve all your issues soon man. Cheers

Also, that Aerocool case looks nice, had no idea about this model with the LED shroud


Well i didint get any coupons or codes so no freebies for me i guess :smiley:

Im also not sure if my issues are software related,could be GPU or some other component related.

Case does look nice but i wouldnt buy second one. Airflow is miserable in that thing.


My wife knows I have been under a lot of stress at work, so she decked out my office so I would work in a bit more cheerful environment.


She’s a keeper :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Just a random capture from my trip around my home country ( corona and stuff ) from few weeks ago.


Spent a couple of days on the countyside. Here’s the view I had from the house I stayed: