The World Through Your Eyes


I have a guardian on my apartment row

Looks fierce.


Sooo this was mine and my wife’s view last week!!!



…well done?



(and congratz, lol)


The effects of quarantine!


dang, you guys just keep expanding that family :astonished: -congrats on another little one joining the ranks “soon”, hope it’s a bundle of joy and if not, at least a cute lil’ troublemaker :wink: :+1:

now, did people finally land on what to call this generation ? :thinking:


Haha thanks everyone. This actually “took place” before the quarantine but it does make for a good joke.

@Gnuffi I’ve heard jokes about it being called the coronials for this coming baby boom that’s expected.

I’m hoping for a girl since we’ve already got two little boys, but being the third now it’ll probably be a little bundle of joy that moonlights as a troublemaker too.

@M00 Just a bit of a surprise there, but a welcome one.


really happy for you both, dude, all i know is a home with a baby in it is a happy, lively home, however tiring it may be




Congratulations :tada:
Big achievement!


It’s terrible but once the initial excitement wore off my first thought was “crap now we have to sell our car and buy a minivan or something with 3 rows.”

families grow, but cars do not.


My family had an old Volvo 240 estate so when the 2nd wave of kids showed up they installed these collapsible seats in the cargo space turning it into a 7 seater when necessary. With a roof box we could still bring everything we needed for a horrible car vacation full of car sickness and Denmark.


Congrats! :tada:


Congratulations @Vindace :grin:


At least the weather is supportive of social distancing… I just want it to be warm though. Don’t really like driving through this to get to work, but whatever needs to get done gets done. (Work’s been busier than ever.)

And just the weekend before, when my wife and I took a nice walk out during more pleasant weather:


These little ones are about 3 days old, we have been trying hard to teach them about social distancing, but they like to huddle together instead.


So cute!!! :hugs:


@YQMaoski Birds will be birds… Social distancing? Nah.

@Vindace Hope you get a girl too, but whichever little one you get, will be the youngest… Dun dun dun! You are honoured to spoil them most. Yes.


I was eating breakfast and this was my view earlier. Sunny with a heavy chance of snow flakes… I am waiting for the snow to be away for good this season already.


Long exposure of the night sky through my window as I fail to fall asleep.
Also here’s a bird I shot on holiday