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Wow, good job!

I haven’t done a real jigsaw in ages…


@Pylinaer Nice! Got to to do mine up when I have space again … and walls…


As I said before…Saturday was our day to visit the Butterfly Conservatory…We took our phones plus our camera. I will be posting our pics later…

But this was the first butterfly I saw not fluttering around… It made me sad at first but then it flew away and looked like it was enjoying itself. I smiled :joy:

Plus they had a special event…SLOTHS. We got one pic because it was just so crowded. Will post it later…

Some pics other people have taken…

Butterfly Conservatory


I’m a simple man. I see a sloth - i click “like” .


FINALLY :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Got some time to post a few pics from the Butterfly Conservatory

Here’s the only sloth pic we got to take. It was crowded in there …It’s 2 Clawed

Yes…That’s my head…



Hehe,look at that fella hanging there. Cute.


@Danacscott @AcornAvenger found this little guy at the forest today.

For anyone wondering if to click on a link it’s a cute squirrel.


Omg those butterflies are so pretty. And that tortoise T_T so adorable

Is he… eating an acorn? Why would you do that to me T_T I must avenge it!

But seriously so adorable :3


Speaking of, I had @Danacscott chilling with me earlier this year:

Chillin’ on a log:


@DontBeSilly, @AcornAvenger The squirrels be everywhere, doing all the chill things. :stuck_out_tongue: ^^


This one seemed really chillaxed . Letting me to get so close . He/She had a friend who actually ran away moment he/she saw me.


That was last week in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It was 20 degrees celsius the days before and the days after.

Now from this night and temperature wise it’s the same deal :slight_smile: In few days it will be 15-20 degrees again >

I really like the fact that we are so south with so many mountains and what not so we have the full range of all seasons compared to let’s say our neighbor Greece :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. This weather is the main Corona preventer out here, lol.


You got more snow that night than my town got all winter. I am strongly envious.


It’s still snowing … :smiley:
March brought us more snow than November and February, so the winters are way softer compared to 10 years ago :frowning:


Pretty similar weather patterns here in Lithuania as well. Last week was like a true spring +10/15c , sunny and generally really pleasant , this week though began with snow ( still snows today ) and minus 5c :smiley:


Wild tulips


Interesting Landscape. Where are you from ? If that is not a secret ofc :wink:


Im from Hungary


a bit more of photo dump, just for you guys


We need a wow button. ^^