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Just got home, driving about 6 hours for a trip that should normally be 3.5 hours from my parents house back home.

They had about half foot of snow when we left, then further west we went, the less snow it was, until we just arrived at home and we have about an inch of icy/frozen rain stuck to everything…


Frozen rain is on the no fun list (along with slush from the mix of rain and snow. like seriously, did you expect me to have a snowball fight with melted ice?)


I may be up to go good, but I am not so bad…


It’s pretty and pretty destructive…




Dogos and winter.


Snow is such an amazing thing. Snow storms aren’t fun at all, though.


Made myself this shoe box , you can also sit on top of it to fit your shoes , all it’s missing now is few pillows on top to make it comfy . Took me around 6 hours .


this is absolutely outstanding. Love the color choice! Can you show us the inside? It has one shelve in the middle? How many pairs does it fit? Awesome handle as well. I had no idea you were versed in carpentry but maybe I’ve just not been paying attention. That’s one heck of a cool skill to have!


Not as many pairs as you would think but still , better than nothing . And nope, the fact that i’m used to be somewhat of a carpenter wasnt publicly available until now lol.

Thanks ! I love these sort of greens and i just happend to have that handle from earlier and it just fitted perfectly.


That looks fantastic. if you do put a cushion or upholstery on it leave at least enough space on the edges so one can put their shoe on it for tying laces standing up without dirtying the fabric. At least that’s how I prefer to tie my laces.


Looks like something you would find in IKEA - nicely done, looks very sturdy. I would’ve probably given up before I even thought about making one.


to add to @Fraggles idea maybe the lid/door can have a stiff brush mat on the inside so you can clean the base of the shoe before/after wearing


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Gave you a follow! Especially like the last pic. well done! :butterfly:


Awwww… Thank you <3



2 people in the same ditch and someone broke at least one control arm for their left front wheel. And that’s just in a small little radius.


Snowy day


Ironically you live way more south than me but we have no snow over here :smiley:


Took me about 8 hours I believe.