The World Through Your Eyes


I see what you mean by that, I thought it was just one bug with really long whiskers…


Yep, there are 2 bugs in that picture.

@YQMaoski the photo you are asking about may be familiar if you are a pokemon fan.


And it actually isn’t a cocoon (at least not yet). It is a bag-worm, a little moth caterpillar that makes a house of twigs and sticks for it to live in.


The “grasshopper” photo is a pair of twin lined walking sticks.

I will go back and add an ID tag to all the photos.


Hey, @YQMaoski, are you following this over in the States? We are still cleaning up over here. What a storm! Still have a few people here with no Electric/hydro.

"The boat, known as the iron scow, broke loose from its tug boat and became grounded on rocks about 600 metres from the famous Horseshoe Falls more than 101 years ago and remained there until last week.

A violent Halloween storm shifted the scow downriver about 50 metres for the first time in over a century.

“The scow has been in place since August 6, 1918,” David Adames, chief executive of Niagara Parks, told CTV News Channel Monday."


That makes a lot of sense, I just thought it was some kind of a desiccated plant part, but seeing as you called it out as a bug, I got confused.

@delenn13, my wife and I were telling each other that we would stay away from the Maiden of the Mist rides for at least the next few years to make sure it doesn’t come down suddenly…


Scary! Big :hugs:! Didn’t know you had bad weather. So glad you’re okay. :heart: sniff


I then proceeded to be unable to find my car in the airport parking lot.

Back home and pooOOOooped :poop:




@delenn13 That was something alright! Glad you’re safe!

@Silk Hook me up with a pair of those socks! ^^


Paço da Liberdade


Strong Baroque vibes. That’s in Manaus? Always wanted to visit, seems hella cool. Any shots of Rio Branco Palace?

Have you been to Museum do Índio and to Teatro Amazonas?


I took this pic during our family trip in Slovenia, near Stara Fuzia (it really inspired me because I have a soft spot for forest and mountains)


Nope, Cora. This one is located in Curitiba, but yep, still cool :slight_smile:

More pics, peeps





lemon ice taste better tho :+1:
and their “Zero”/sugar free is just godElmo awful
but Burn however you feel like :wink:


I strongly advice not to drink that :smiley: You would be better off drinking screen wash.


I drank it for the meme.

Second time in my life drinking energy drinks lmao my health is fine. Also it didn’t taste so bad. But apparently it’s owned by Coke. I don’t buy Coke products. RIP. Too late. Also what’s screen wash?


Stuff you put in your car to be sprinkled on your car’s windows.


I may have to make this this weekend. NTM this has a lot of different possibilities. Use a different type of bread, add meat, different types of cheeses or spices(Tex-Mex etc.) even use sweet peppers.



@DontBeSilly, I guess we call it either windshield fluid or de-icer…

@delenn13, that looks super good! I am getting hungry thinking about it.

So some snails lay eggs, while others give birth to live young… Our snail momma just have birth to a cluster of young’uns earlier today.