The World Through Your Eyes


Unless your going for a buzzcut across everything. That’s what I do.


Dinner yesterday so I can have leftovers for lunch today (Taco Tuesday)


Gonna buzzcut soon! I don’t have a… buzzcut thing watchmacallit so… hopefully I can just walk into any cheap hair salon with 20 bucks (BRL) and call it a day :joy:

Recently dyed my hair purple but it’s growing too much and after dying it near white it’s frail AF so I just want my natural brown hair back rip

Friend’s baby dog trusts me enough to sleep on my lap.

Might steal her, but that’s our little secret.


I found a real buddy yesterday… shame I didn’t had any food in me. So playful cutie-beast. It’s full of 'em here fortunately but not pure blacks like this one :slight_smile:

Decided to spent some time in the kitchen few days ago making some curly fries and chicken … of course burned some of them :smiley:


I love those… even in the Bolcans in the ass of EU … shame last time I made those seems to be mid of 2018 according to when I took pictures, but seems to be in line with what I remember.


Was perusing the local Craigslist ads and came across this piece of work.

Can’t have driven it much with those wheels because I don’t see any body damage from the local shitty roads with potholes.

Wouldn’t be surprised if half the asking price is the ugly ass rims


This mf using blender blades and calling it rims lmao




Got some fluffy white snow yesterday into last night.


It’s been nasty all week so I decided to make some “comfort food” for Sunday dinner. I was going to use the slow cooker but i ran out of time…So It’s in my simmer pot…Simmering away…


Y’all make some good food. True Gordon Ramsays.


I need to remember to post my foods here too :sob:

@delenn13 send via airdrop ty


You mean like, the banana you have at home? Because I dunno if you got the memo, but that’s all we eat.


You remind me of this:

Mind you, I love our dub of this show and I probably would have to go treasure hunting to find this episode dubbed. (Candy got a nordestino accent if you haven’t watched the show and it cracks me up :rofl: )


I guess I should clarify That is a Canadian Pot Roast(beast) NOT whale blubber.


Went to the park with friends today, was pretty fun. Here’s a tower from the park we went to (or is it an obelisk? not sure).

This view was pretty amazing when you see it in real life! Too bad I couldn’t get a better photo of it…sorry.

Quick story! We went to the mall afterwards, and when we went down to the street food-esque food court, a guy was wearing the same windbreaker as me and fist bumped me. Cool dude.


I have been busy…

Making it through the thesis writing… One off branded cookie at a time. Maybe I should slow down on these.

Sick rattlesnake shed skin I found while exploring the field… At least 6 ft long. That is my foot for scale.

And finaly. Makes me laugh… EVERYTIME

Do you get it??? That trash gets burned!! So very, very green.


And now for what everyone wants. BUGS

Saving some space, cause I care

A lovely dragonfly

A mating pair of Solider flies (they just look like wasps)

Pretty sure this is a relative of Myzinum quinquecinctum a thrip wasp.

A bagworm! See below.

A mating pair of twin lined walking sticks. The male is the little guy, the female is much bigger.


I am pretty sure if you plug in that trash can, all it’s going to do is short out and possibly electrocute some creature(s)…

Care to explain what the photo is between the wasp (?) and the grasshopper (?), I feel like I probably misidentified both… lol!


Looks like a cocoon of some sort to me.

And that last picture I have no idea what that is. it doesn’t look like a hopper to me. Either way it looks like there are two and they are saying: