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ooo… you are making me hungry… any chance you made it yourself? Or you are lucky and there’s a place nearby where you can easily go grab a bite?



That tounge better be the only thing in your cheek… I’m watching you!

Side note: How have I not found this amazing thread before? :star_struck:


This is a ramen shop that is a couple blocks from the office!

We may eat there too often. :sweat_smile:


If you don’t eat there twice a day (weekends included), you are far from going there too often. It’s exactly 1am here and I’m starving because of your photo. You are blessed to have a good ramen shop nearby.


Seeing this I figured I’d go look and see if there could possibly be a ramen place near me. Didn’t really expect there to be but lo and behold there is at least one. Their prices are insane, they’re charging about what you’d expect to pay for a higher tier restaurant here.

I wasn’t expecting to see McD prices but ramen is supposed to be kind of cheapish fast food right? What’s the comparative price level of a bowl like that on your side of the world?


Last time I had a good bowl of non-homemade ramen here in the US was when I went to Philadelphia, before that it was when I was visiting friends in New York City. Both times the ramen was delicious and cost way more than I thought appropriate, but since I rarely get the chance have it, I went and ate anyway. Both bowls were around $15-16 range. How much is it over in your neck of the woods?

I am curious about @dusty’s food prices too, I might have to relocate if it’s too enticing…


It’s about $15-16 here too but that’s not a very good comparison as the value of that money varies too much. You get a lot more for $15 in Sweden than you would in NYC. For example, as mentioned, I could take that $15 to a decent restaurant and get a good meal out of it. Or I could go to McD with 2 friends and get a meal deal for each of us with cash to spare.

Or in my favourite currency/price of living comparison tool I could get 18.66l of milk for $15.


I think you’d be surprised about that dude, pretty sure food is way cheaper in the US than it is in EU, and especially the Nordics, which is way more expensive than the rest of EU, I think.


Yeah, milk is hard to compare… When I was visiting people in NYC, milk was about $5 a gallon. Currently in my grocery store, milk is $1.70-2.00 per gallon. US gallon is 3.785 L. So for $15, I could get somewhere around 29L of milk for that much money locally. In NYC with the higher prices, it’s around 3Gallon, so around 11.6L.

But one of the reasons is that I live in farm country and there are more cows than people locally, so it’s super cheap…


yeah, i just googled it and look at this:

they say it’s 4% cheaper in the US

and here, lol

that being said, 80% of ppl here cant afford to eat something like this, they just see it on TV

also, although this article was written less than 2 years ago, the local price of a big mac has more than doubled … along with anything else that the poor do try to eat


Yes you can’t compare US and SE McD prices, because we insist they use actual food to make their burgers and also pay their staff properly. Milk price has been a pretty good cost of living comparison tool to me though as it’s something that’s available near enough everywhere and many places consider it a basic food stuff so the price tends to be stable.

The McD-Ramen comparison was meant to be an internal one not US ramen to SE McD or vice versa.

Cost of living also varies wildly within the US, as @YQMaoski points out using the milk metric. Sweden then looks to rate somewhere middling between Maoskitown and NYC on my milk index.


This duder was a one-day-only brisket style special w/ a local BBQ joint, ~15 for the ramen + a beer, but also here is a menu

Edit: #5 w/ the spicy bomb is the chrono meta


Got my new mouse today . Cool thing is that since it’s from the same manufacturer as my MOBO all rgb stuff syncs .


C L E A N B O Y E :rainbow:


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Some pasta for lunch.


South African thunderstorms and sunsets :sunflower:


No photo, but I gave myself a haircut today… Not super happy with the results.

I had excellent luck with my last haircut and tried to replicate it. I use a WAHL electric razor, and made the mistake of using a 5/8th piece from the start instead of the 1 inch piece. So my hair is much shorter on the sides than I intended, and because I went right to the 5/8th’s I wasn’t able to do any layering… so my bangs are still long and slicked back, but everywhere else is VERY short with no transitioning layer…
I did manage to sort of cut the back of my head without making too much of a mess of it.

Long story short… When cutting hair, start longer than you intend and trim down. DO NOT think you can save time by just starting out with the length you want.