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Bought myself a new bicycle yesterday, gave it some final adjustments and took it out on it’s maiden voyage today. It was a really lovely early autumn day too so I’ve had a pretty good time.


@Fraggle’s post. RE: cycling.


Looks lovely!


Roasting sweet potatoes!


For a moment I thought you were “roasting sweet quails” and I almost fell off the chair.

Looks nice though :slight_smile:


Not a big potatoe fan here but looks tasty.


Sweet potatoes are the it. Usually boil them here after peeling. Have done french fry style with them once and that was awesome! Wonder how the roasted taste?


I only have one question…


It’s the first damn weekend in October. Get that shit out of here.


Because $$$$$ . But yeah they should suck all the cash from the Halloween first.


Best thing about Halloween is getting candy (albeit I’m a bit too old now) and waiting until after Halloween to sweep up all the leftover candy at your local supermarket for super cheap.


chomnk in the sun ft. thicc turtle
tagging his fans @Vandem @Enki @Danacscott

some insect in my backyard

street art downtown

Sé Cathedral be like (it’s the exact center of São Paulo, actually Pátio do Colégio – a building right across the street from it – is the first building ever built here). Taken through a dirty bus window. :bus: :church:


Aw… pets chonky doggo

Other pics: flees from insect and city, but hugs tree =^_^= Seriously though, that’s a nice building. Pointy much, no idea how humans do such things.


Two Hilariously bad games. I went to go turn them in at GameStop… Unfortunately, some dumb ass forgot to check if the games were in the cases. They weren’t and said dumb ass looked stupid at the store. Had to go home and put them in the cases.

Also that day (same trip) I was towel hunting and ran across this in JcP. Like… WTF? It’s the first goddamn week of OCTOBER. piss off with that crap.

Don’t have a picture but towel hunting was successful at Kohl’s. Two latte colored towels were on clearance for $7.20/ea + tax, Cuz murica, and two light blue ones, one Turkish and one fluff at $17.99/ea plus tax. With coupon it was just under $50. Woot! They are all higher quality towels.

Another computer picture in all its glory and RGB puke. Partially to see if anyone notices the difference that doesn’t know already (@YQMaoski @DontBeSilly), and partly to make @Danacscott jelly.

PS. Although the RGB color is different, that is not what I’m talking about.


Haha, well i’m pretty sure you told me about the difference so yeah , i’ve noticed.


If you want a good touhou based fighting game you can’t go wrong with “Immaterial and Missing Power” or “Scarlet Weather Rhapsody”, if you haven’t played those already. Probably wont find them on the switch though.


F R E N T I M E :rainbow:


Pop me in a bowl, cover, place in refrigerator: I am Jelly.


No, that’s @AcornAvenger :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I know. I’m being tongue-in-cheek since squirrels like much lil acorns and their avengers. ^^