The World Through Your Eyes


I originally was going to post these on my Instagram but i forgot to, so i decided to share these with you all. So a month ago I visited Winston-Salem,NC with my family for the first time (Even tho it’s only like a 2ish hour drive away from me) and we walked a part of the downtown area and i took a couple of photos while we were there, so here they are.


How come my water doesn’t do these tricks?


I like the fire imitation ones, those look neat. I think it’s funny that they use an Irish beer to write Chinese… lol!






Uh , sexy! Someone finally got into RGB stuff :>


Printed myself this Dark Souls poster today . Probably my favorite game ever though this is from the REMASTERED which was just a cheap cashgrab imho


How many ink cartridges did it take to print it?


None :slight_smile: i work with various printing machines so it’s just something i have access at my work.


Can I ask what you work with?

Twice a year I work at printers for work I do to an international magazine, and I quite love the environment! So you piqued my interest haha


Sorry for the late reply. That is very informative.

But I have to say. If I’m close enough to a spider to see their eyes and figure out their arrangement, just nope. I’d be too scared of it jumping on me or getting away. The closest I will get is broom’s length.

The swing! swing! “Did I get it?” SWING! SWING! “It’s in the broom bristles!” Stomp! Stomp! “I got it!”

I mean, it’s bad enough that I occasionally wake up with several bug bites somewhere on my body and I am just thankful I woke up.


Ofcourse you can :smiley: Am with quite a few different things. I have UV printing machine , digital printing machine, cutting laser and wide format printing machine under me . Few other secondary machines i need to operate from time to time as well.

Today's Project (Data Warning)

These are some weird ass timing… But they work well…

Installed a new CPU cooler

10C drop in idle, nice.

Glamour shots for @DontBeSilly

One last thing to do.

Ermm… Okay this is the last thing to do.


Pretty sweet :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:




Some shots that i took today :slight_smile:


Your photography skills are amazing both IRL and In-game.


Neighbour’s dog. :dog:

Her name is Duda.


Thank you very much, appreciate it! :blush:


Hot Air Balloon and Paragliding :slight_smile:


You must have meant Doggo*