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That is gorgeous! :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Forgot to share this lunch I cooked here! :ramen:


Jack be nimble. Jack be quick!



@YQMaoski You couldn’t resist, huh! LOL. Wishlisted for Winter Sale. giggles madly


Cell phone cameras really have replaced my need to get a good camera… I know that a nice camera can definitely take better pictures, but I am satisfied with this.



That’s a wolf spider! You can tell cause of the eyes.

Exact species can be tricky, but depending on your location there are often only 3-4 species of Wolf spider present.

A lovely picture, cell phones really have amazing camera’s don’t they?

Don't look @Pylinaer or others who dislike the 8 legged bretheren

Just a little buddy of mine


They’re fine as long as they leave me alone and enjoy themselves outside.


The brown recluse spider is the one that bit Mr. Delenn. :persevere::exploding_head::weary:


Hopefully you knew before hand and were able to seek treatment, those bites get really nasty if left untreated.


It’s been ~35°C here in São Paulo for the past week. We’re in winter. Climate change is no joke. :coconut: :sunny:


Ouch! Hopefully he got timely treatment, as @hivefleetbothan has said.

I didn’t know that you have brown recluse spiders in your neck of the woods… But I guess they are occasionally around me too, so you are not very far away.

Thanks for the ID! I thought I would actually ask you if you didn’t comment on it yourself. I specifically tried to get a good picture of the face/eyes because I thought you would want to see. Hehe. I have a couple of others that didn’t come out so well. Couldn’t get a direct head on picture before I scared it and it ran off. That was in our flower garden, so I imagine we would see its kin around as well. I am in western New York State, not sure how much that eliminates choices for actual species. The body was maybe 1/2-3/4 inches in length.

Indeed, and of course we are seeing migration north of those brown recluse spiders, so maybe I need to keep moving north to keep up with staying out of range… :rofl:


Tell me about it. The bite was close to where his surgery was.They said He was lucky we got in when we did or the outcome might not have been so happy. The surgeon called it a flesh eating disease because it destroyed his already weaken shoulder muscles. They had to cut so much away that he still can’t lift a jug of water or raise his arm over his head without it being supported. Which reminds me…I should update his surgery thread. We went to see the surgeon Friday.

We get a lot of critters over here we aren’t supposed to get. I know we have opossums and they aren’t native. We saw a nature show that showed them coming over on the railroad trestles over the Niagara River. They even hibernate. I am sure a lot of spiders and bugs and gawd only knows what is coming back and forth over the border on cars, trucks, trains, shipping containers, and ships. With the border right here and the wait times I am sure a few bugs etc have made their new home here. When Mr. Delenn visited me in Florida, he took home a chameleon in his car. He didn’t know it until he found it frozen in the trunk.


@hivefleetbothan So, Lucas is a jumping spider then? lol

Second that emotion.

T_T May no spider ever behave that badly again. T_T

Truth. Septemeber isn’t usually so hot here either. I’m hoping Nov. and Dec. remember that chilly is supposed to happen - even in the Caribbean. >.<


@YQMaoski Glad I noticed it then, always happy to live up to any expectations in regard to invertebrates.
I won’t deny I am not all that familiar with the wolf spiders of New York (in my neck of the woods I only have 1 species, so I am a bit lazy on my Lycosidae).

Given that body size you mentioned, and a brief perusal of Bradley’s Common Spiders of North America, I originally suspected Gladicosa pulchra but almost immediately threw it out as there are too many inconsistencies. After a quick re-evaluation (it is crazy how many characteristics on that spider seem very distinctive for wolf spiders, 1 light band down center of cephlothorax rather than 1 dark band on either side of eyes, distinct abdominal color, pale legs), I have made the tentative identification of Hogna georgicola but for that to be true it HAS to be a male (because it lacks leg banding), do you happen to have any other photos of the spider’s face region? I would need to get a good look at the palpal structure to appropriately determine the spider’s gender.

It’s actually a liquefying venom (super similar, used by the spider to turn its prey into a smoothie for easy eating. The agents break down proteins and cause necrotizing of tissues.

An aside about how spiders eat

All spiders are obligate liquid feeders, their mouth parts are actually super cool too.
Most spiders that bite people are not going to be strong enough to dissolve much (like how most spider venoms aren’t strong enough to kill people), but the brown recluse and the sun spider (Solifuge) have agents that are ‘necrotizing’ and can cause really, really bad damage if left untreated, always make sure to see a doctor if you have a small bite that does not heal and appears to be growing in size (and don’t wait till it gets out of control).
Personally, I always assumed spiders ate via the fangs of their chelicera, like hypodermic needles, drawing out liquefied stuff through the straws that put venom in.
In actuality, (from my understanding) a spiders mouth is a little muscle behind the chelicera, hidden from view by a bunch of bristly hairs. Spiders feed by creating suction from this muscle which pulls liquid from the prey held in the chelicera (the hairs help prevent chunks of food from getting into the mouth). Think of it like eating soup by holding your mouth close to a bowl, then inhaling it, while straining it through a mustache.


Made myself this cute key chain/pendant ( not entirely sure how’s this called in english ) with a sloth.


According to pokemon, it’s called Klefki



No real photos, so just words this time.

This evening has gone downhill pretty darn fast.

Decided to try and install my new basic 2 fan model of the the RX 5700 XT. It wasn’t slotting correctly. Why? the IO shield was bent inward a little bit. After a bit of finagling, I was able to get it installed.

But not after my fire alarm decided to randomly sound off three times (and stop) even though the batteries were changed literally YESTERDAY. Walk out to look and I see an ant or something crawling back into the detector. JOY. Shortly thereafter, I had something deciding to try and crawl itself up me. Bit elongated, not sure what it was and I’m on carpet so I wasn’t able to take a picture for identification.

So after I get through ALL that. Guess what I find out. Navi doesn’t support Windows 8.1. Guess what OS I’m using… WINDOWS 8.1.

They have a Windows 7 driver, which I have installed. Hopefully this works correctly.

Edit: It is not. So either I have to suck it up and run Win 10 or Linux, or not use the card. Sweet.

Oh yeah, and nothing is monitoring correctly so I have no idea how warm the card actually is.

It great to be on an unsupported system. /s