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oooh… The cars all so shiny. The drivers / owners let you get up pretty close too. ^^

Edit: Let’s admit it, I’d ask to touch (pet the bonnets) if I’d been there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Curitiba wine market


I don’t have a good picture, but I found out today that Apple EarPods can survive the washer and dryer (low) and still work…

But not without severe damage.

Just placed an order for what I hope are new ones (sold by Amazon).


Ouch! Hopefully your experiment with that is over…

On the other hand, I was at the gym with my new water bottle a little earlier… I know at least a couple of people who would want to get their claws on something similar… :grin:


I see what they did there :grin:


Hold on I’m driving to Curitiba ASAP wait for me!

(For real though, folks, it be a fiiiiiiine city. Also full of Capybaras!)


@Enki we need this!!


@DontBeSilly @YQMaoski

Ship it immediately, I’ll pay when I reach the bank, ETA unknown.


I’m moving to Curitiba in December, this was a chance to immerse in the culture of Paraná. As you said before, it’s an amazing city to live in.

So, when you be around… mi casa su casa :relaxed:


Barigui Park


Oh, we’re not so far! Also one of my closes friends is moving there too. Cool! Is it cold as a bitch’s heart down there too? Because I’m freezing.


So i’ve been helping my Mom out with her plants this morning and this was the result :smiley: i guess i need to gi back to digging school or what ?


Ease off the weight bench there, or use higher quality shovels.


so finally rebuild of my PC is done ! Two rgb fans on top was the last touch. Huge thanks to @Pylinaer for helping me out with the picking parts stuff!


It so shiny… pets system

May I be so rude as to ask your final cost?


Im like a crow… slothcrow? I like shinies. It was 520euros but i’ve used GPU,PSU and SSD from my old PC so that did cut cost down significantly.


Awesome. ^^ Man… That must be hypnotic with the lights off. I love how it turned out.



@DontBeSilly Sweet! It is so shiny pets system and sloth :heart:

Wish I could get lighted stuff, I can’t see jack on my keyboard in low light, lol


Why is Jack on your keyboard :question: