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The World Through Your Eyes


Trindade, Rio de Janeiro. :brazil:



le sigh You guys get to some some awful pretty places. You’re great at photos too.


Tonight’s dinner:

All done and ready to eat!


Looks like a pretty good dinner! By the way, that steak seasoning is pretty good for grilled chicken wings. We had done that a few weeks ago on the grill, pretty tasty!


And another week gone by, they are really close to adult sized:

@Ernin8t0r, hope you enjoy the update!


Do they pay taxes yet?


Well, just because they are adults, doesn’t mean that they are working, having an income, and thus able to pay taxes… We still spoon feed them everything… lol


Just spent some time with this beautiful horse, I got in the saddle for about 15 minutes and the horse just kept on eating grass…

Also, for those of you who like to know what’s going on with the quail, they are doing just great.

Ghostwriter Adventures (read the PS too)

So that’s why we don’t see people riding unicorns - they much prefer to nibble grass! Sorry, @YQMaoski. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wir fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n auf der Autobahn popped into my head seeing your photos :wink:


For any young pups who think I’ve gone (more) crazy :wink:


OMG! Been years since I heard that. Kraftwerk the Fathers of Electronic/Techno. I remember the first time I heard them. I was at a disco in West Palm Beach called The Cabaret. It was gay and had the BEST music. Great times there.


No can see vid. T_T


Back in the 70’s they didn’t have videos…Just album covers…


LOL. Taken and noted, never to forget again. ^^


Ha! I wondered what @Danacscott meant. Hehe. Sigh :wink:


MTV didn’t start until 1981.

The first video played on MTV.


I think the oldest electronic song I have is Binary Finary - 1998.


Awww Yiss!


Transilvania Motor Ring