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Any paticular Chicken breed? Oh, and for school/educational or fun/recreation?


I am almost afraid to ask but… recreational chickens?


Mind out of the gutter @Fraggles . Sometimes folks just wanna raise chickens in peace.


Eating them is occasionally just a bonus.


They are baby quail… First time we are trying to hatch quail.

This is the first one that hatched last night, well, earlier this morning.

For comparison sake, those marbles in the water are about 1 cm in size.

@hivefleetbothan, they are merely for raising for fun, we hatched chickens before and kept the babies for a while before letting them go back to the farm where we got the eggs. That was a few years ago.

@Fraggles, they are recreational, indeed. haha…

Quail eggs usually don’t have that blue color, but my wife wanted the ones that would lay eggs that look like robin eggs, so that’s why we mail ordered the specific type of eggs. Though who knows, just because they come from blue eggs don’t mean they will lay blue eggs, is what we heard.

Just happy that the mail-ordered eggs finally did hatch. By our timing they should have hatched Sunday late day or evening, so we were worried that none of them made it.


i see someone took a page from the John Hammond book :thinking:
… now remember, play it smart this time around; no raptors :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Put that box in a box, then put that box inside of another box…



Here’s a better idea of the size of these things, as we move them from the incubator to the aquarium/nursery

(a small pile of 2 birds. :rofl:)

And of course they acclimate pretty quickly.


What kind of quails…Bobwhites???

This is my fav kind of quail…

But like the article says… “Leave a little”.
“Hunting as a child was where I learned the roots of my conservationism. If you kill all the quail in a covey this year, there won’t be any birds next year. Don’t hunt all the rabbits. Don’t fish out your pond. Leave a little. “Leave a little” as a philosophy applies to a lot of places and one I have grown to appreciate more as I get older, not just in wildlife conservation.”


I think these are a bit bigger than bobwhites.

They are some kind of Japanese quail that had a genetic mutation that gave blue eggs… (not sure exactly what kind they are.)

We are definitely not planning to eat them. If we get eggs (which we should start in a couple of months) we will probably cook/eat eggs. :smiley:


It’s the Vivo Dual Monitor Mount. Model Number: V002


Time for a group huddle! They are looking so sleepy :sleeping::zzz:


Quick update, day 3 of life, 2 of the babies didn’t make it, :frowning_face: :cry: but the rest are just so adorable.

Even though they are growing so quickly, they are just still so tiny.

Golf ball for size comparison.


Do the chicks have names? If not, can we help name them pretty please?

Also they remind me of the ducklings we incubated at my English school. They were the fluffliest.

Now, sorry for double posting:


The part of my job everyone wants to hear about: fancy private jets! Woot woot.

Anyways now I’m back at :brazil: and a single night of sleep hasn’t put me back on track yet. :sleeping:


Chrono won an award in Austin:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Congratulations, do you get like a plaque or something?


that’s awesome :+1:
and with Chrono’s different approach to the market i’ll say it’s very well deserved :clap:


They already do have names. :smiley: We named each of them as they hatched.

We have more eggs on the way, by the way… haha, so by the time these guys are ready to go outside, we will have a fresh batch of newly hatched babies. It’s been awesome having them around!

Congratulations! We all know you do a fantastic job, so keep it up!