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Now, whose desk does that go on? :smile:


We’re displaying it on a shelf in the office where everybody can enjoy it :slight_smile:






“when i get paroled; i’ma scratch your sofa” :pouting_cat:



The wing tips are clearly visible, it’s incredible how fast they go from not being able to stand to trying to flap flap those baby wings.

A slight change in pace, first bearded iris from our garden this year. :smiley:


Made this t-shirt for myself today :slight_smile: Needs some smoothing though.


Yesterday, just having a beer and chilling outside…

Every once in a while, they go into this full sprawl when they lie down to sleep, as if they are playing dead…


I’ll need the location of that sacrificial ground, sir. I believe The Church of Elmo could profit off of it.



Looks very chill and chicklings looks so cute!


Doing some fan management.
PSU isn’t modular, so cool the cable management jets.

Fan change compete


Ran across these today.


These I have no idea what they are?

So, what are they? :smile:


Like an apple jello of sorts.


Interesting, I will look around and see if I can find it in the grocery store next time… We have an asian grocery store a little over an hour away, we go maybe once every couple of months. :smiley:


Wouldn’t they squash if you run across them? I hope you didn’t do that in the store, that would have been quite a mess and a waste.


Someone else brought them into work. I decided to try one. or three… (they had grape flavor too)


I stopped by Cabela’s Today to get a raincoat. They had a fountain with fishies. They also had a walk in aquarium with monster catfish. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the aquarium. (I forgot).

Data Filter?


I live to go to Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops just to see “The Stuff”. Even tho, we are selling our camper this year. It’s too much for me and he can’t do the stuff he used to do with his arm.:disappointed_relieved::cry:

But we are thinking about laptops…So it can be a lose/WIN situation.:thinking: