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The World Through Your Eyes


Roughly 60F and 95F.


Not something I expect to see in the US, seen in my (red)neck of the woods…

Been wanting to take a photo of it for a long time now. Glad I finally did.


i get curious about what the name was before they painted it over :thinking:


I am gonna guess…“Western” :crossed_fingers:


aww, and here i was thinking “Murder” :male_detective:


Just watched Psycho??


I was thinking “2nd” for the first space, combine it with your choice for the middle space and we’ll get a small story on how they got to be just “Best Inn”.


That’s what I was thinking too, but I just don’t think it would fit. So I wonder about it myself as well.


Obviously by murdering the owners of the best inn, at once becoming the Best Inn, the Best Murder Inn and the Best Western Inn.

And some photos from Genève:


My favorite thing about my visit to CERN HQ today:

The astounding gum section at a supermarket – that in my books is a shopping mall:

My dinner at the hotel today – falafel:


have you seen the demonic portal or was it still restricted?


they served you falafel with raw chickpeas on the side, that’s some culinary mind games right there :dizzy_face:
dang, what’s next pommes croquette with a side of potato? :thinking: :joy:

(PS bonus stealth points if you swiped the precious duck without raising the alarm :smile:)

Here's the latest result of my game-hoarding addiction...

at least it’s a nice even number…


and now to never get another single game to keep it that way
-or en route to the next triple 0 :wink:
not even sure what to say in this situation, is it “gz for obtaining so many games man :+1: :smiley: or “sry your backlog has grown so immensely out of control :no_mouth: /pat”


Here’s part of it

(Not my picture)

And the last half:
“America’s Best Value Inn Wellsville”


ahh, so they lost their value, wonder if someone sued them for false advertisement/misleading name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:


Probably not. More likely an owner change or they removed themselves from the “brand”.


Sadly the gate to my house was closed and I’m going to have to resort to taking the long road home – sacrifices, wails, all that jazz.

Of course I was talking to the boys a while back and we decided Hell shouldn’t be such a tourist attraction, you know?

Belzebub especially thinks that it should be more of a… surprise, I think he put it. So we’re kinda keeping the PR budget low by making priests get the word around instead of buying CERN’s ad space. Leaves more to the imagination that way!

Still, thanks for caring and keep the virgin sacrifices coming, please. We like the place cozy and filled with lost souls. :kiss: :fire:


He’s got 2010 now soo…


Culprits are the Artifex Mundi games from that Indiegala bundle… :stuck_out_tongue:

But also, I have games that Steam doesn’t count as official games yet, and so that number will automatically go up when Steam actually counts them for real… Just to make things more unpredictable.


Cute little fluff balls… :heart_eyes: