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Walked home from work in a snowstorm today. I will gladly give you the snow.:ok_hand:t4:


i shall expect it in the mail presently :hugs: :+1:


Had some snow last weekend. Round two is this weekend, after an intermission of freezing rain tonight.


Maybe the subtropical heat and humidity of New Zealand weren’t so bad after all… -6°C at 10 am this morning.



A few thoughts of my (brief) time in France:

I can also share a few thoughts on Athens.


We had a very nice day this weekend with sun, snow and cold so I brought my phone along and went out for a stroll along new paths I have never traversed before. Got myself a couple of good pictures I thought worth sharing, I hope you agree.

For this one I’ve tried to crop a portrait image into a landscape one to see if I could escape the wide angle shot issue. Lost a lot of resolution doing so but I did manage to get the image focused on the golden railway power lines reflecting the sun through the forest that stood out to me but I couldn’t capture very well. It amused me how the rails themselves looks badly jagged due to snow piling up against them, they could use some anti-aliasing.

Found this nice little country dirt road and decided to go see where it went.

That’s where.

Decided to go through the forest on my way back and had to cross the railway and got a couple of good shots along the rail like this. Another portrait aligned one but I enjoyed the whole image and didn’t gain anything by cropping it down. It’s too bad the format is useless, but if you zoom it all up and turn your screens on the side it’ll look lovely I’m sure.


Favorite spot

bluest sky on the coldest days

my new apartment

Winter vacation

The devil himself.


looks like V3rmin to me

srsly though, that’s a sick-looking alien


Oh wow… @coralinecastell changed quite a bit since I last saw her. Don’t remember her being so…green. The horns do look familiar though. I guess that’s what’s called a “reverse-metamorphosis”?
And now I finally understand the meaning behind her omnipresent butterfly…


It’s a ‘hickory horn devil’ caterpillar. They can grow to be quite impressive.

In the museum catalog I intern-shipped with there was a truly massive one in alcohol.


Saw these at Walmart…thought of a couple of people here… @Enki and @DontBeSilly


:open_mouth: I need this in my life!


Do you live in the US/Canada? There are Walmart stores everywhere…


On the other side of the planet sadly :smiley:


Quick what’s your favorite, 2 toed or 3 toed?!? Haha I’m a pygmy fan! Love those critically endangered guys :sob:


I find 2 toed ones a litte bit cuter , but both species babies are just beyond adorable.


Too true!


I love it when the snow falls in super fluffy and light layers with nice big crystalline structure. This was a thin layer that came down last night, ready to face the world in the morning.


And then there’s here, where we got about 2-3 inches of heavy snow.