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What tree is this???


a tree with fake poppy flowers tied to it


lol son of a poo

Then we need to do some cross breeding to make this real!


So I am not much of a photographer but this is a picture of Milford Sound from my time away in New Zealand recently. The views from within the Fjordlands is amazing, the steep cliffs covered in trees and snow capped mountains are unbeliveably beatuiful. Just for a sense of scale the little white blob on the water in the middle of the pic is a boat.

Also went up the steepest street in the world while I was over there because why not.


I was outside today for a minute. The cold weather is an eye opener and it clears my brain at times. But just in small doses.

I happened to look out over the yard and I saw this…

Couldn’t get really close. It’s a Cooper’s Hawk and it has eaten a few of the residents around here who frequent our bird feeders. After the pic…I scared him off.


I need me a Cooper’s Hawk!


And what birds do you want eaten???


I completely misunderstood…

I thought you meant squirrels and chipmunks… those sly rodents eat way more of our birdfeed than any of the birds around here…


Well it gets a few of those too…but it snatches the baby birds etc…


Poor little baby birdies… :frowning:

I do love seeing predatory birds in nature, although I am sure if they were big enough to fly down and take away humans, I probably wouldn’t see them in quite the same way…


I have seen them grab rabbits too…those are big birds…I wouldn’t want to fight one of them…

OH, I got a PM…for one of the games…Have to tend to that.:heart_eyes:


He completely misunderstood and actually thought u were talking about some of the neighbors, he probably has a few who never return loaned items and thought this might provide the solution.

Quite graphic explanation of guts and dead birds, proceed with caution

After seeing how he mutiladed little birds inside a cage of my grandmother for a second time. Those little birds were obviusly terrified while being tore apart with no chance of scape. It’s noteworthy my grandma was hysteric for the first time and I buried the mess and told her they escaped when I was trying to feed them.

I shot at the sparrow hawk ( 280 meters, mid fly with a single bullet in the neck, a truly surgical shoot, one of the best ones I ever made and thankful for that since it was long dead before touching the ground) .

At that moment I had around 7 years of shooting practice, 13 years old (yes, I started early, but you won’t know anyone who is more pro gun control both in personal use and goverment control) and I inmediately felt shame and sadness for taking out the bird with no intention of eating him. That was the first and last time I ever shoot any living being, but I still feel dumb I had to learn it that way instead of just approaching the problem from a theoretical perspective.

To this day I keep taking care of several animals and I learned to accept death as part of it, even if they are the cause of each other’s death (not between mine, I teach and train to a degree, but with wild ones since they move freely). Except for Clandestino, my house cat, he’s like a little kid to me because well, he really thinks I’m his mother and I do motherly duties so, I guess it’s true.

In case you are curious, there are birds who can take away baby humans, even if it’s not common.


So can alligators. Most ponds/lakes have signs posted in Florida /Georgia. They have been known to taken down a deer even.


Today: Hawk 1 Sparrows 0



My mom recently moved in with us; she has a lot of parakeets (40-something), which we put on the balcony (in bird cages ofc); 3 days ago an owl came on the balcony, then the next day a hawk, pretty weird to suddenly have a hawk on yr balcony in a city. (We’ve seen owls before though.) I gently told him to get lost by opening the sliding door, lol, but i’m pretty sure this won’t be the last we see of him…


Took a couple of pictures around my new place this morning and thought I’d share a couple of them that I liked.
First off I thought I’d introduce you to my new neighbours.

While waiting for the bus I found the light played through this frosted plane of glass pretty, tried capturing it a couple of times as cars drove by.

Then waiting again, on a train this time I enjoyed this configuration of things in the rail yard. I don’t know if it appeals to anyone else though, are you not into trains?

But here I run into the problem with cellphone cameras again in that they have too wide an angle, they capture far wider an image than my eyes do. I see something that looks kind of neat and try to take a picture of it only to find the neat thing to end up far in the distance with a whole lot of extraneous wide angle stuff included. Just cropping the image down afterwards doesn’t quite solve it. I should buy an actual camera some day, well I have two already but they take film not SD cards.


that bit of snow reminds me of the pictures my brother sent me the other day. So even if it’s technically not through my eyes, some of you might find it interesting nonetheless.

We had some snowfall in Austria for the last few weeks…

close to my home:


Man, I miss snow. Thanks for reminding me @Fraggles & @Vandem


you guys should put some of that stuff on trucks and haul it up Denmark’s way, -i sure do miss me some white powder this season :cry: