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Again, nice job!

Have you tried HDR photography? Almost any camera is capable of HDR thanks to exposure bracketing, but you’ll need a tripod for better results.
If you’re shooting in RAW, you can still work on these images, especially the mountain ridge.
As a note, with HDR it’s easy to get carried away and produce fake images. It’s important to balance technique and personal taste.

Here’s a quick video showing the process (the result is too much imo):


Thank you, i will try to use HDR as well sometimes, the photos were taken on an iPhone 6s (because i don’t own a proper camera yet) and sadly the built in camera app does not have advanced options other than HDR and exposure setting without needing to buy an external app. :confused: But i will try the HDR option too because i never tried it.


I am absolutely amazed at what cell phones can take in terms of quality photos these days. I have an LG G5 and that’s all of the photos I have posted on the thread so far. I really wanted a nice camera with a nice set of lenses for a long time, but never put my foot down and spent the money. I still think about it, but not as longingly as I used to.

And @NICK9X9, your photos are fantastic! Keep them coming!


Well, how can I put it?.. HOLY SHIT! You took these photos with a phone? This is even more impressive. Get yourself a DSLR, when you can, even entry level.


@YQMaoski Yeah, i agree, phone cameras are getting better and better, especially the new ones (but expensive) with multiple cameras. And thank you, will keep them coming for sure. :slight_smile:

@WikiTora Hahahaha, thank you, i am amazed too a lot of the times by what a phone camera can do. Also i’m looking forward to buying something better when i can afford it in the future, because i want more control over the photos i take with lenses and more settings.


me, rotting at home: omg i want to die

phone: look, a text from nick

nick, somewhere cool: hey here are some photos



You forgot:

  1. dat cool river shot
  2. dat cool butterfly shot
  3. train where is my train
  4. please and thank you :blush:

(guys I’m friends with Nick I’m allowed to scream at him OK thanks)


I’m sorry dear, here you go! :yellow_heart:



I’m glad we’ve got @coralinecastell around to ensure we get to see all the pics.

@NICK9X9 great stuff! You’ve got a really good eye.


Haha, Thank you very much, means a lot. And here is a shameless self promotion of my flickr page for some other photos if someone is interested. :slight_smile:

Flickr page for my photos


Firstly, @Fraggles :

Secondly, a bit of my job, for y’all:

In your face. :blush:


That’s awesome! :scream:


It’s been a while since anyone posted anything, so here are a few shots of our hike today…



Here is a very mature jade tree seen in our adventures today.

And some koi in a pond…


aka “free-range garden sushi” :smile:


More photos of my dog at @Vandem’s request. :hugs:

not sure which ones I shared before so sorry for repeats


Have a nice weekend, y’all! :butterfly:


O M G :hugs:

“Floof in a cone” :heart_eyes: -always better than floof on a stick :smile:


When my dog needed that cone, I made some holes in it, to reduce the reverb. He still didn’t liked it that much, tho.


Thanks a lot, that made my day :slight_smile:
He’s honestly one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, I hope I’ll get one too some day :smiley: even better if they like cats too :joy:


I’m glad you enjoyed! I also think my dog is super cute, yet I tell him in a sweet voice every day “whooooooooo’s the most hideous of alllllll doggos?” He seems to like it. :dog2:

Here’s a cat a met today at the park as well while we’re on the subject: