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We call then Dutch irises anyway. I wonder if they are from the Netherlands…


Things are fun here.

Since I am sorta necroing this thread here is a cool turtle I saw. (It is a leatherback)


I can appreciate that second pic. Turtles can be pretty rad.


Shame I didn’t have my phone on me a few days ago when I saw one on the side of the road that was over 1 ft in diameter.


flattened by a bulldozer?


Nope this one was alive… just a huge leatherback turtle that was crossing the road. There was a person alongside it to make sure it crossed ok.


I’ve been both Oot and aboot today. I traveled to the next city over to do some unfortunately necessary shopping and snapped a few neat pictures I thought I’d share and a handfull of awful ones.

I really rather liked how the sun came down through the trees and how the canopies almost creates a little tunnel for you.

Then a little further on there I found this marvellous feat of civil engineering that I thought might interest at least a certain someone.

I tried to get a good close up of the tenants but I couldn’t get close enough without disrupting things and I wouldn’t want them to get all annoyed with me. They didn’t really show up on the pictures I got but they’re nothing too exciting anyway. The most common forest ants around here, Formica rufa I believe.

We don’t get stacks quite that nice around my usual stomping grounds as we have a rather healthy stock of the European green woodpecker around there. So most ant hills gets ruined every winter.


next gen light physics right there


That’s a very large ant-hill! The ones I usually see are very small in comparison…

And definitely agree with neat natural lighting situations… I can never get a picture properly, but the sun coming through tumultuous thunderstorm clouds of summer through my plane-polarized sunglass lenses always awe me to no end…


A certain someone certainly enjoyed it. Did your attempts to get close to them trigger the famous ‘squirts of acid’ response? Or were they not really swarming around the surface?


I own a dog. Please appreciate my dog.

Thank you kindly. :dog:

When a purple ball is the meaning of your existence on planet Earth.

*moar doggo*

‘Get closer, doggo!’ ‘Liek dis?’ ‘Oh my flip too close. Too cute.’

‘Doggo?’ ‘Mmmyes?’

‘You’re a good boye.’

‘This is the last time I spend several thousand fake gold coins on a bath just because you wanted to look fancy on that Louis Vuitton tie, got it?’ ‘Keep talking, hooman. I can’t hear you over the sound of how handsome I look.’ ‘… Goddammit.’

I have an unhealthy urge to push you ever so slightly so that you fall on it. Just to see what happens. I promise I’ll seek help.

In all honesty, that… castle… thing, if you will, reminded me of a hauntingly brilliant story by G. R. R. Martin (who, to me, is a passable author, albeit creative) called “Sandkings”. It’s a 30-page horror science fiction tale that is unfortunately unforgettable. Recommended. :blush:


Nothing too terrible actually, until the jaws pierce the skin… then the screaming begins.

In the end though, not lethal.


There were a lot of them around the base so I didn’t want to walk right up to it to get the close up shot required to make out the individual ants or annoy to them enough to get defensive.


Here is a photo of a church in my city that i took a while back:

And a beautiful landscape that i noticed behind my back while we were waiting for the bus:

And lastly a lovely photo of my doggo!


Fine Art from Creative Chronies!

That landscape photo is very nice, especially enjoy the mist or vapour rising out of the valley in the background and the sun shining through it. 5/7 would wait for the buss there any time.


You have good eye for photography, nice job.

Bob Ross would be proud.


i had to blink to make sure it was “real”, looks damn nice, almost “fairytale-like setup” idyllic
half expected a narrator to pop up and go something like “and over the hill lived a grumpy ogre, mischievous gnomes and fairies, and many other strange creatures”


Awesome pics…:heart_eyes:


Thank you guys very much for the great comments and compliments! :relaxed: @Fraggles @WikiTora @Gnuffi @delenn13

And now that i’m reviving the topic with a thank you message, i also brought home some new shots from the mountain trip. I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

And lastly a friendly cute kitty!

(sorry for the long post) :grin:

What sort of discussions do you want to see within the Chrono community?

Annnnnd amazing.