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The World Through Your Eyes


Oh wow… @coralinecastell changed quite a bit since I last saw her. Don’t remember her being so…green. The horns do look familiar though. I guess that’s what’s called a “reverse-metamorphosis”?
And now I finally understand the meaning behind her omnipresent butterfly…


It’s a ‘hickory horn devil’ caterpillar. They can grow to be quite impressive.

In the museum catalog I intern-shipped with there was a truly massive one in alcohol.


Saw these at Walmart…thought of a couple of people here… @Enki and @DontBeSilly


:open_mouth: I need this in my life!


Do you live in the US/Canada? There are Walmart stores everywhere…


On the other side of the planet sadly :smiley:


Quick what’s your favorite, 2 toed or 3 toed?!? Haha I’m a pygmy fan! Love those critically endangered guys :sob:


I find 2 toed ones a litte bit cuter , but both species babies are just beyond adorable.


Too true!


I love it when the snow falls in super fluffy and light layers with nice big crystalline structure. This was a thin layer that came down last night, ready to face the world in the morning.


And then there’s here, where we got about 2-3 inches of heavy snow.


Well, this was a very light dusting indeed. I used to live up there in Buffalo, NY in the snowbelt, so I know what heavy snow means. I was right in the middle of that Snovember storm a few years ago…


Yeah, we had 3-4 inches of powder late last week. It was, sadly, pretty bad. I think it was because basically came down really fast.

I’m sure people drove nice and slow after your light dusting too.


Was hanging around a zoo until not very long ago. :blush:


:astonished:“i want one those and one of those, uh and that one!” :heart_eyes:
*Dad: “it’s not a pet shop, boy…” :triumph:


This is about a 3 min drive from my house…


So I came across this lovely item whilst browsing:

I hope it comes with a miniature excavator.


Well that sucks.


Oh no! :frowning_face: I hope you have a back up…


I’ve got 6 other pillows but I generally use two at a time. That was a newer one though. Then again, it was also 4 dollars.