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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



The people you will miss you can try to get in touch via non-working channels and maybe continue those friendships instead of just letting everything be a part of your past…

Hopefully everything works well for you…


You always PM me for pets, hugs and talkies if you want, just saying. :heart:


I have done that before…Just decided I had enough…Looks at “Wasted Management” :eyes:


All this talk about Canada recently…




Thank you for your words @Danacscott , @delenn13 and @YQMaoski .

I just need to take this slow for once. I always just jumped to the next available job in fear of losing my financial stability but i should be all right for few months money-wise so i should just relax at least once in my adult life. I dont even know how to take it slow and enjoy myself anymore hehe


If so, mein sloth definitely needs the down time! No more humans hurrying the cute sloth. :wink:


Odd question: Is there anywhere other than GOG where you get My Time at Portia DRM free, other than

I’m thinking Epic might also be DRM but don’t know for sure.


This REMASTER in itself is not really great, they do not fixed or added much but for 4 euros? YES! Dark Souls 1 is probably my favorite game ever and i’m going to grab this even though i own original game but for someone who doesnt this is just a deal of year.

EDIT: Ok , price for me is 4 euros but link shows 24 euros , i’m not entirely sure why is that.Maybe because i own the original.


Likely. At the $23 something, still too much for me. May as well just start with DS 2.


IMHO DS2 is really far behind other games. While it’s a good game on its own it’s world really lacks that Dark Souls sense of mystery, interconnectivity and lore. That’s mainly because it had different director than 1 and 3 so it sort of shows.


Ugh. Say no more. Harry Potter sucked when the director changed. I feel ya.


Are you able to buy the game as a gift for 4€?
If it’s possible, maybe we could set up some sort of trade?


No unfortunately. It locks it out and says the discount is only for your account.

Edit: went through the gifting process anyway to see (backed out at the end) and it tries to charge full price.


I guess it makes sense . Would be a huge loophole if tou could buy it as a gift for someone who didint meet the discount requirements.


Well dont get me wrong, it’s not bad and still is worth playing it just feels different and lacking certain things i value in that series. World building mainly. So yeah, if you ever get around to play it message me , i wouldnt mind playing it myself again and you could do it in semi-coop way.


Sweet! It’s a nice price now at a lot of stores, but me on potato and not have 23 GB to park it. T_T


Have you ever seen a video you liked, only to go back and realize it was set to private? Not copyright-stricken, just set to private by the uploader? I had that happen to me a few weeks ago by a composer on YouTube, so I left a comment saying something along the lines of “Why did you delist these songs when they’re just as good as these other songs you didn’t delist?” and his reaction was to delist the other songs! He didn’t even respond to my initial comment. The worst part is that said videos had less than one hundred (<100) views on average, so there probably won’t be any reuploads in the future.

Moral of the story: if you like something, make a backup.


I do it all the time. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Count me in too. I’m always up for some jolly cooperation. Also I still say gameplay wise DS2 has some of my favorite weapon styles and fighting in the games.