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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



Nice! Though it may not be til the New Year. I’m hoping to get it in trade. fingers and toes crossed



Really like this guy’s work, solid interview. Wanted to share somewhere, so…

Oh, and guess what? He has excellent taste.

What’s your first recollection of falling in love with game music?

Without a doubt, playing Monkey Island 2 on a SoundBlaster 16. I must have been 13, and Monkey Island 2 blew me away with its seamless musical transitions between scenes. I noticed how the music would develop and morph into different instrumentation depending on the place you visited, without interrupting playback (I later found out this was Michael Land & Peter McConnell’s iMuse system at work). As trivial as it may seem by today’s standards, this was a revelation for me. I knew you could have great music in a game, but this elevated it to a whole new level!


Being 10-17 is like hearing other people talk about a video game you just realized you own but haven’t really played yet. And everyone is complaining about things being so difficult and you think ‘I would never make those mistakes’.


totes would buy one.


Welp, it’s official now! I have graduated and am now the fatigued proud owner of a bachelors degree! Freedom tastes so good.


Congratulations, I hope you’ll have great use of it.


Thanks! Even if I don’t make a career of it, I think what I’ve learned and studied in it has been irreplaceable.





@Danacscott @delenn13 Thank you! It feels great to finish.


That’s fantastic! Good job! It’s time to celebrate!



Instructions unclear, dick stuck in printer.

I’m not 100% convinced that is actually a ‘cl’



Happy Sunday!!!:sunny::sun_with_face::heavy_heart_exclamation:



@GeekInUndies Too soon. mourns for the game



@delenn13 Canada? :canada: :canada:


Future employee of Zamboni.