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You’re know you’re a cleaning nerd when:

  1. You go into the backyard and clap your hands in glee because new clothes lines are up.
  2. You realise they’re actually at your height so you don’t have to tiptoe up to reach them down - proceeds to add jumping up and down to the clapping



Not sure where this would go, so I’ll put it here:


interesting little read:


it’s weird, a new star wars film can’t come out without it being “divisive” :man_shrugging: maybe don’t make movies that suck so much :wink:
made me wonder, were the OT really that good? or were there in actuality a “50%” split fanbase in the 80s, (with a portion of russian trolls apparently?), sending carrier pigeons, telegrams and personal columns in news papers forth and back, arguing about the validity of X and the plothole of Y and how terrible Z was??? :thinking:


When you can’t tell the people you live with that despite not having a full-time job, you might be suffering from exhaustion doing massive amounts of housework (and furniture moving). sigh



reminds me of a tweet i “just” saw


nothing like headaches in the middle of the night :unamused:


I like trains.
I love cows.
… and sloths, and gnomes, acorns, Chrono humans. :heart:


I know exactly what you mean man, hopefully you feel better by now and managed to get some sleep!


This seems to actually sum up what I think about American Football shows.


So I was doing an inventory of all the fabric related items in my apartment.

Total was over $4000 USD… was a lot more than I was expecting that’s for sure. but I put many items on at full list prices, and considering JCPenney’s and Kohl’s pricing shenanigans, those items are very unlikely to be purchased at full price.

I also have 10 items I have deemed irreplaceable in that I can not find something that is similar enough to be considered a “replacement” and several that are no longer available but I could replace with something similar.
(like the Wrangler Outdoor Series stuff, which is functionally now All Terrain Gear Series.)

here’s one of the items that I deemed irreplaceable:


Mondays suck :unamused: … 15minutes til it’s over :relieved:


Hi there Garfield
Honestly I hate weekdays as a whole except Friday. Wednesday is alright though.


The best I can do is a paper airplane. Some of these take my breath away. Hard to believe it is just paper.


just invested $38 in 1,000 cs go cases, now i just need to wait 2 years to sell those for $300

it’s not like my cs go inventory space has anything better to do anyways


Sounds like awful waste of time tbh.


quite the contrary, time will pass regardless, the only difference is that my steam wallet will be $260 fatter afterwards

so it is in fact a great use of the passage of time

(also, do note this isn’t real money we’re talking here regardless, this is money made on steam market in the first place, so it’s like monopoly money to me)


690% ROI is never a waste of time :slight_smile:


well, everything is relative, but in this case, it’s not costing me anything, and i dont even have to do anything. I bought 1000 cases with the click of a button and with steaminventory helper i can put all those in market all at once at well (one by one but automated), though it will require to authenticate all those in the app, lol


And here I am still waiting for my 35 Winter sale trading cards to flipping sell.