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I just lowered all of their prices by 0.01 and sold them instantly. Lost some virtual cents but at least i’ve rid my self of them.


Sometimes dub-overs are absolutely hilarious.


UPDATE: On a whim, I decided to combine the album name with the word “Famitracker” in a Google search (because they’re 8-bit songs), and I managed to find the original Famitracker modules for all* of the delisted tracks on the Famitracker forums! I wasn’t sure I’d find anything since their YouTube descriptions never made any mention of the forum or even hinted at a download being available at all, so I got super lucky.

*Well, all but one of the composer’s delisted 8-bit albums were there, but I managed to make MP3 backups of those tracks in time, thank goodness.

Still never got a response from the composer, by the way. Oh well, I’m just happy to have the music back.


@Whiterabbit-uk It’s your fault I noticed this. I like trains. They helpfully sent me an email too. >>


Uses Denuvo.

Also appears to be like their other games that have gone DLC stupid.


This seems to be some random post thread? Then I’d like to ask if anyone feels like giving away one of their monthly coupons from HB choice :sweat_smile:



The coronavirus nCoV is scary because I haven’t prepared my doomsday bunker yet.

Disease progress here:


Did you get one??? :thinking:



no, but deal is over and I probably woulda only fed my backlog a bit :sweat_smile:


The two BIGGEST REASONS why I love Steam and why I’ll never buy into Origin, UPlay, EGS, GOG, or any other storefront unless these new players adopt how Steam does things…

1.) Price adjustments based on a customer’s location. For example a $5 USD game, gets price adjusted and converted into my regional currency that becomes only $4.50 USD when converted back.

2.) Steam offers more ways to fund your wallet besides using online banking. Steam Wallet Cards for one thing, purchasing funds through 7-11’s Cliqq app is another.

I don’t particulatly care for the “More Launchers” discussion most folk bring up when discussing storefronts. What I’m after is Steam’s business model of selling games and other stuff with justifiable price adjustmemts. It’s already a lot of hassle when Americans complain that a $50 USD game is already expensive as is. But with Steam’s regional price adjustments model a $50 USD game actually sells like $45 USD from where I’m from. Still pricey I know, at least it is sensible from my own money’s perspective.

Even Microsoft doesn’t do this which is why I also don’t care for their OS’s store :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me while I laugh uproariously. Adjustment? Not in my locale.


I guess it sucks to be from an Afluent Nation then :stuck_out_tongue:

From what part of the world are you from anyway?

At least Valve/Steam knows that people from Southeast Asia, some parts of South America and Africa have weaker Economic prowess than North America and the EU so we DO get decent price adjustments. And it’s all thanks to Steam’s “farer” prices that I have completely stopped pirating PC games altogether. I mean why pirate when the prices are reasonably set. Not to mention the usual seasonal Steam sales. So if a game is still a bit pricey I can just wait for a good sale period to purchase.

When other storefronts do things this way then that’s the only time they’ll get any money out if me. Plus purchasing a game from places like a convenience store like 7-11 is neat :blush:


Ha ha no I’m from a speck on the world map - a tiny island in the Caribbean. Steam don’t adjust diddly for us. I’m glad however, there is such a thing as regional pricing for other places. ^^ Steam can have its jacket for that.




Probably because your nation is a part of, or is considered a colony of the U.S. maybe like Guam? That’s why you don’t get any price adjustments.

I take it you’re either from Canada or Australia as I’ve read those two nations have two of the most expensive price adjustments on Steam. Russia has it the best though.


Nay, Europe. Though compared to local average income we pay more than lads from Canada or Australia.


does make you wonder why many of the poorest countries in the world, aka Africa, don’t get any price adjustments from Steam though, no?


shakes head That’d be Puerto Rico. Also, Barbados used to be an English colony before Independence blah blah…