The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



Here is OUR very own "OT Thread. Post anything you like; when you like. Look at the above post if it has ANYTHING to do with what you are posting, do not post. Post something else or wait for someone else to post. If you want to post 3 different things…Go for it. Just remember…

EVERYTHING has to be OT… OFF TOPIC :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

  1. Must be OFF TOPIC!

  2. Try to keep it pretty clean.
    I wiil start:


Well since the first post asked for things to be kept clean, the only obvious way to go off topic is to go with some absolute filth!

Hidden from sensitive eyes though

What did you think it was going to be?

There, now the next post can be of pretty much anything, you’re welcome!


Thanks, @Fraggles :heavy_heart_exclamation:





:bread: :duck:







this thread will be awesome, inb4 someone post a dragon orgy. Not saying there are dragon orgys, or that dragon orgys are wrong in any way. i need to go back to work bye.




yeah this true with the game i’ve played


i have moobs


I need to know the source!


This comment is off-topic


The content is from Epic NPC Man, playlist below…


Game of Thrones Anime Intro


i watch way to much porn, so here is a minecraft pic




any chance we will get context for that gif? Or just a huge fan of complex ethical issues in games?