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online friends bad




Celine Dion channeling 'Elmo"…

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this…:exploding_head:


@delenn13 Looks like I won’t be getting that hat. It got almost here and they turned it around for a return because it was “damaged”. I’m curious how a hat got damaged. Did something like… rip and slice through it? I already bought a new hat at Duluth Trading Company soooo. I’m covered for the 65F (19C) weather we’ll be having :joy:


This is art


This just melted my heart…


The video won’t load for me. I even tried right-clicking to copy the address to go there directly, but it just said “URL signature expired.”


“Baby Sloth Found clinging for life on sandy beach”


@Imaynotbehere4long same for me, so here you go


The bestest pool party.


Hmm. i’m sorry , it was working before :open_mouth: But yeah @coralinecastell got me covered there :slight_smile:


Anyway , if you didint buy game for 20,99 will you buy it for 19,94 ? I never understood discounts like these … maybe just to get some time on steam’s store front.


omg… imagine drying all those dogs later… :joy:


playing for 12 hours straight, ignoring everything else




@Enki I actually didn’t find this funny at all and it really upset me. Yikes.

Like, serious talk: folks neglecting their basic needs over games/video-games/drinking/addictions really triggers this primal psychologist drive in me that immediately makes me go NONONONONONONONO.

Anyways, for some fun stuff:

Ladies and gentleman, my father, one of the smartest people I know:

Burro = donkey.


Dad jokes. Perfect in any language.


Neighbors next door:


not yet


I usually do not get too much into personal stuff on the internet but i feel like i just need to get this off my chest .

So i just quit my job. I left my home this morning without even thinking about it but day somehow just ended like that. It’s kind of strange but i really havent processed it yet.

All the stuff i wont do anymore and all people i wont see anymore… some i’m happy to never see again in my life, some i will miss a lot. It will be a strange day tomorrow , i will just get up and wont have to do anything , lol.