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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



Nerve wracking! Congrats and well done! ^^


Huge congratulations on pulling off that feat, great work!


Thanks everyone. I won’t deny it is a huge weight off my chest.


Congrats. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:I bet it really feels good. So Now we will have to call you DR?


Nah, I am just a MS… so there is no title associated that I need to be called.


I think today’s the first time I’ve seen the front-page deal sold out. Nice!



That’s my two right there. >>


sweep, the, leg, !


How hard was the swordfight compared to a Masters’?


Master Hive will have a Master of Science as I understand. So directly comparable.

and for my OT:


I feel like I know that, or at least should have. I’ve been running quite low on sleep recently.

Hive can let us know once he gets that PHD then.


I don’t intend to ever get a PHD, but I will let you know.

To answer your question: the defense for my master though was about the same as the defense for a master though. :yum:

To quote XKCD: The best thesis defense is a good thesis offence.



The younger of the ever-starving, outside in the yarn, being wild as usual. :heart:


Awww, look how hungry they are! You can see the 4 massive black ribs sticking through!

Poor malnourished cat.


When you didn’t realize it was friday, until it was saturday… @_@


This is the first time I’ve seen this happen. I personally think it’s funny.

I’ll see when it gets here.
This is the item btw:


So i just finished watching friendly Football match, Lithuania VS New Zealand ( Soccer for all you 'muricans ) and we just won 1:0 against New Zealand which is just woot because our national team havent won anything ( official or just friendly ) in almost 2 years now and Lithuania’s football is at it’s lowest point all the way since our independence 30 years ago.So yeah, cool!


Re: Canadian Weather Gear…Is a knock off company that makes most of their stuff in China.


My current hat is from Walmart. Not exactly a high bar to overcome. but yeah, that logo is definitely stolen from Canada Goose.

However upon looking at pricing of their hats…

That is approximately 10-15x the amount of money I want to spend on a freaking hat.

Would rather get a Carhartt Hat instead. that’s my back-up in case this one isn’t as warm as I need it to be.