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my brain hurts.


poor children
stupid parents
… thank fck we have rules for that kinda sht here

at first it reminded me of that key & peele video, then quickly not… :grimacing:


R.I.P. my little guy! You will be missed!


Aw… such a sweet face… My condolences, @NICK9X9.


So sorry , @NICK9X9.:hugs:

Here’s a site I always send people to that have lost pets.

Just poke around that site. It’s very “pet friendly”.


@Danacscott @delenn13 Thank you! :slight_smile:


I wish there was a resource on how to enjoy certain video games, because I feel like the reason I dislike many games is just that I haven’t figured out how to play them properly, or I approach them with the wrong mindset, with the wrong expectations. I’m sure with many games it’s just a taste thing and I’ll never enjoy them, but I have some games I feel like I could probably enjoy if I knew how.


You could always ask our opinion on specific titles you feel like you’ve not fully grasped the point of.


I’m so sorry to hear that :sunflower: one of the worst feelings. Beautiful photo though! I hope you’re doing alright


I’ll be honest: 9 times out of 10, it is a taste thing. If a game starts off boring, then yeah, there’s a chance that it will slowly build on its mechanics and become more challenging, but if it’s something else, you’re better off just leaving the genre alone.

Rule of thumb: if you need an external resource to enjoy a game, then the game isn’t good.


A place to ask such things would count as a resource xP When I have friends who have a game I don’t get, I ask them, but it’d be weird to post a thread to the effect of “I don’t like [game], what don’t I get?” xP

It’s often specific games from genres I normally do enjoy xP


SE Lain is still one of the most visually stunning animated series i’ve ever seen
other Satoshi Kon works were awesome, too, and there won’t be anymore, and currently no one’s doing anything like this.

so many new animated series are coming out these years. some of them are really good, but i feel that this quality gap has been empty for years. animation went to different direction, and in 1:35 am, it makes me feel bittersweet.


I love love love this man unconditionally. His upcoming movie, that has since been filled away under the “to never come to light” category, was possibly going to be my all-time favorite of his and one of my all-around most adored. His grasp on the human condition and artistic mastery are unparalleled, and while Japan has bred plenty of fantastic directors – from its arguably finest, Akira Kurosawa, to another one of Kon’s contemporaries, Miyazaki – I oftentimes feel that, like all other masters, his work had a condition inherently his, never again to be found through anyone else’s approach.

TL;DR: I feel you.

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Ah, I misinterpreted your post a bit, but my point still stands. If anything, that could mean it’s less of a taste thing and more of a “the game simply isn’t good” thing. All I can really suggest is to try to think of what exactly you didn’t like about said games so you know what to avoid for next time.


Every Monday …


Shoulda have known @Enki and @DontBeSilly were up to something. :thinking:


Thankfully we have 6 years before their machinations truly begin.


@Enki they got us… time to slowly move to plan B which is stashed on another Tree.


Welp, I have now defended my thesis successfully. Just another month and I graduate!


It’s all over now save for the shouting.