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pineapple is pretty tasty on a variety of pizzas :yum:
there, i said it :face_with_monocle: (and goes surprisingly well with olives and/or pepperoni)

PS. who else loves insomnia?, 3.30 am and can’t sleep, woohoo :confetti_ball:


Ratchet & Clank were always my favorites.

P.S. Who else loves non-sequitur?




for being that freakish they’re apparently harmless. I’d love to have one as a pet if I could not scream anytime it flew when I wasn’t expecting it.

Also, did anyone else’s kids keep them up during the night when they were under 3, or did I just get the short end of that stick?


They are absolutely harmless. And make great pets. Since they don’t often fly.


Now you’re tempting me. Where do you find these creatures?


There are a lot of online retailers… Exact level of quality/whatnot is not something I am familiar with.


huh. Apparently in Japan (according to five minutes of research) you can buy the beetles at home and garden centers.


Are we being OT or OT???:rofl::joy::scream:


You can always buy insects at home and garden centers (regionally it sometimes differs exactly what insects you can buy), I bought a praying mantis egg case when I was younger. That was pretty fun, but chaotic.


Didn’t know that! That’s pretty cool.


I LOVE beetles - ladybugs and scarabs. Never considered them as pets - besides: 2 murderous cats, heh.

No insomnia for now @Gnuffi, but I took meds late last night and they knocked me out today. Not very useful day. Wish you rest soon. :heart:


So unfortunately my wife is heavily against pets cause of the long term commitment involved, and against giant beetles cause they scare her.


@Enki @DontBeSilly


Arent they the cutest creatures ever :>



@Pylinaer Nuts! I want to pet the baby sloth, but my other sloths may get jelly. :stuck_out_tongue:


wrap me up



bcuz i dont know a better place to put it:



Step away from the nuts

Lol I love this xD

I am also glad I’m not alone in the jelly club