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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!





You could have put a link in that post just to see the butterfly clicks. :rofl:






This feels like the right place to post to tell everyone I just got my FIRST JOB! :smiley:

at least I had just got it, like a week ago xD

I did my first week first to make sure that I didn’t get fired right away or something >.>

so eerr, Imma see all you Americans a lot again because I will be spending most of my time awake past midnight these days, I have a night job and honestly its really refreshing to back in the night time again :smiley:

anyway thats pretty much it, just wanted ya’ll to know in case you need me for anything xD and I wanna humble brag :3


congrats granny, happy for u; it’s always good when seniors get to be productive past retirement and find something to do they like with their time


oh thank you deary, I’m making knitting needles for gnomes.


that is so thoughtful of u with winter coming and all; I know at least one gnome who lives in a Nordic country who could very well use it


Congrats dude!!! :tada:


slowed + reverb songs make me feel good. also i want to jump out of a plane.


and i need to learn the floss dance


I just though all of you should know that sometimes I troll my friends and family in games, record a short video of it, then send it to them occasionally for laughs.

These are those stories




In case you ever wanted to work on a puzzle for like…literally a year:

(Roughly 8.7m by 1.9m).



Gotta go buy a warehouse to do this one! I like jigsaws, but this will probably just sit impressively in its box, if I ever get it… But definitely not for that price…


Saw on Reddit frontpage today. “Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform in Space.”



Wearing red… bold choice.


Hm… Red, huh. Not a good omen, or is that just for the movies?


Issa me!


@coralinecastell…Good memories…2015.

The horrors…INSTANT COFFEE!!!:exploding_head:

COMMAND RED! The “red shirts” were from TOS.


finally, at last, starting tomorrow

been waiting so long for this, OMG, if it rains then that’s a plus, but finally the temperature will drop down below 30 during the day and even below 20 at night!