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i’m looking at the store page, and the paid version is still there

-nor would it change that they’ve been doing paid time limited dlc content for years while being a fully pay to play game



100% free to play, but competitive is locked till you reach level 21, but until you reach level 21, you can play everything which isn’t competitive, and once you reach level 21, you are automatically upgraded to prime level btw

in addition, if you don’t pay for the operation, you can still participate in everything gameplay related; you just won’t get the rewards, which you can either sell for money or use as cosmetics

the only limitation is you can’t participate in competitive queue specific to operation pass holders, but how does that matter? you can play competitive regardless in regular queue on the same maps, and operation pass holders can also queue in regular queue (and often do so they don’t take the chance of having to play a map they won’t like)


paid version is there, so “technically” it’s still a pay to play game, even if that part is for suckers/whales only now :man_shrugging:


Does team kills count? Is it possible to set up a game with/against friends to quickly clear the checklists?


:joy: you can’t team kill in casual cuz friendly fire is off, and if you do it in competitive, you’ll get auto-banned immediately if you do it in spawn and at the 3rd kill otherwise :joy:

no, but you can queue with friends and choose opposite sides and try to game the system that way if you want

honestly, all of that isn’t necessary, it’s a free to play game, so plenty of 10-year-olds too

as for the win rounds missions, for example, you can get 0 kills and still easily get those, same thing with the earn X money ingame and choose enemy cards in retakes etc.

there’s also co-op-specific missions btw, but those only reward 1 star, so it’s not rly worth it, but it’s nice to play through with a friend, though quite challenging as well. Bots are not always to deal with, especially in number


As in, co-op teams.

I finally got NFS: Most Wanted to run; I just can’t play Career or run certain challenges because it crashes when going into free roam. Ah, well…until I get better PC hardware I’m stuck with what I can do with this.


Today, after being an Alienware Arena member for almost four years, and after over eight months of completing all of their tasks every single day, I have finally received the ultimate reward.
It’s been calling me for the past two weeks as it appeared on the horizon, but today it’s finally here.
It’s all mine:

and it might get you super jelly.


Off topic of off topic xD but does anyone’s company have a remote working position available? :sunflower:


I wouldn’t mind one of those either, heh.


Quack, quack.



but they were such a cute couple



So we are not only “In Lockdown” but now we have STAY AT HOME orders.


people that knock, when you have a doorbell … :unamused:


1 year has now passed since my investment, and though I would now not be able to make a real profit on them, I would now be able to sell my cases for $40 net, meaning after steam tax, which is a positive in itself.

but just as an example of what I’m trying to do here, this following case had been stuck at 0.03 on steam market for 5 years; suddenly, 2 years ago, it started rising again (because they stopped dropping ingame [except extremely rarely], which eventually happens with all of them). Had anyone bought 1,000 of those then, for a total of $30, they’d now be able to sell them for a total net profit of $1,020.





poor cat jaja



that made me chuckle :grin:


woa, people are really “embracing” the whole Steam “reddit awards” thing :thinking: :hushed: points flying around posts like crazy :dizzy_face: