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@AcornAvenger Aw… cuteness overload! Rad socks. And smol Groot. Meow!

@Gnuffi Hardly surprising, we squirrels are fun, no?


oh indeed, i’ll take a wee squirrel any day
the “surprise” was just in how much it seemingly cheered him up to have that encounter, like sooo much


The other day I found a cute storage box, in the supermarket. It has blue clips at the sides and a blue insert with different sized slots, that you can lift out.

Perfect for mein needles and tape measure, needle book etc etc. It made my whole day when the cashier told me it was $6 and change. Cheap for here. I nuzzed my little box (after washing it) and put all my little sharp pointy things in it. Love it! It’s the little things that perk up like all of a sudden. Sometimes, life is beautiful.


I think Don’t Be Afraid came out recently. It’s made well, but the villain’s voice triggered me. By the end I realised why. If you have a clown phobia, give this one a miss.

Saying that isn’t much of a spoiler either. Saw the bad ending and watched another Let’s Play to see the good one. All in all, I felt like crying every time the villain spoke. sigh

The horror genre is great, but stuff with clowns is too real for me. Gimme a multi-eyed demon any day. >.<


tip: don’t buy (“cheap”) manufactured refrigerated supermarket profiteroles :face_vomiting:


Sometimes that’s the only option we have, good news is that I don’t like it a whole lot, so I can just pass… :slight_smile:


them being refrigerated did have me a little like :thinking: “wont that ruin the pastry?”, and the “chocolate” sauce did look a little suspect.
But they looked real nice, Mcdonalds burger picturesque, and the store have been having a bunch of good italian manufacturer vendor stuff lately, so figured i’d try see if these held up to. But oh boi were they (much) worse than expected @_@ so, so sooo bad :sweat_smile:


It’s a hard lesson learned, but at least you know you won’t repeat the mistake, so that’s okay. Next time if you doubt the quality of something just by looking at it, probably should skip.


I’d make a pun on how profitable they must be, but I’m still trying to figure out how they got that name from a cream puff. Like, it’s supposedly borrowed from a French word, but apparently the French still basically just call them cream puffs (“chou à la crème” or “cream cabbage” literally).


well, the french word profiter actually means enjoy, so it could come from the fact that it brings enjoyment or something like that


I also had to google what the hell ‘profiterole’ is lol . Profitable Peripheral Profiteroles.


This looks nothing like a female of my species.

Let's fuck it!

— Klara Sjöberg (@klara_sjo) December 29, 2020



… so, uhm… what do we do now ? :no_mouth:

aaand groundhog day here we come


Just casually scrolling through steam sale and all these games looking at me with googly eyes , saying ’ buy me , buy me ’ … and i answer to them ’ No , i cant . I need to save money and also i dont have time to play you guys anyway ’ but their googly eyes start to roll and squash around even faster and they start to scream ’ BUY US , BUY US , BUY US ’ …

Spooky stuff.

And it’s not even Halloween.


Cute Spyro in the background !


what are you eyeing ?


You know … a little bit of this and a little bit of that . :wink:

I need to keep backlog at bay anyway. It’s just nice to browse some shiny games from time to time.



In the bird’s defense, dude was wearing green. :thinking:


I welcome our Robotic Overloads…