The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



it’s only meant for those who see it :grin:

(it’s vry mean though, not nice of me :grimacing:)




Oh I didn’t mean to take your house. I’m so sorry :disappointed_relieved:

I put National Geographic right out there seeking a perfect house for you just as soon as I saw your message. I hope you like the one we picked out for you:

A lonely cabin stands in a clearing surrounded by frost-dusted fir trees in this thoughtful image captured by Your Shot photographer Dan Mirica in Fundata, Romania.

If you need any help setting up Defensive Towers or Snipers you know who to call on.

Merry Christmas & an even better 2021. It surely can’t be any worse than 2020 was or these:

Smile…it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!



@Danacscott I’m on to you :eyes: I will be on the lookout for suspicious trench coat activity or ferocious nut eating xD


I hope no one did this year…I have been to a few Christmas celebrations like this…


Seriously? I find this song heartwarming:D
Easily the third best on the album after Don’t Tear Us Apart and the Rose Tattoo .


OT Roundup, cause I gotta

I realize I am MONTHS late to this party @Danacscott but this may make you feel better: I posted three times a week for three weeks as a PROFESSOR in a course last semester and asked students to post any questions they had from the digital lectures I was posting, and nobody had anything to say… Eventually I stopped.

Teaching during the COVID situation was too much for many folks, there was so much going on in the world, folks were often more concerned with other affairs, and instructors were trying to be accommodating of those circumstances (I know I was), unfortunately that means that it became really easy to loose control of courses or for students to have no interest in doing anything beyond the minimum.

My word to all of you, if you are still in school, I know things suck, I know that there is a lot going on, but please, please, remember to communicate with your faculty/professors if things start to get to you, we are friendly people, and we are more than happy to help out if we know BEFOREHAND.
One thing we faculty definitely are is cynical, teaching makes you jaded, because we have seen it time & time again where people are quiet until the last week then questions, requests and issues come out of the woodwork. However, if you reach out and talk about issues or challenges you are facing, we will be understanding, because in college/high school/middle school everyone knows that there are other things going on in life, especially these days. What teachers are resistant to are excuses for past performance, we don’t like retroactive changes, but proactive changes are often very accessible.

Reading through these made me happy, because it sounds like folks are doing fairly ok (albeit bored/stressed but honestly, I expected that). Sorry I haven’t been around.

In case you were interested

Following earning my Master’s Degree, I sort of had a delayed mental thing… not really a breakdown or even a full blown instance of depression, just a realization of how unhappy, stressed and bad I was feeling about life. I needed some time to recover, and I wandered away from Chrono because I just needed to reconnect with myself.

Then came the job search, which yielded minimal paths, but each one was interesting & gave me experience that I used in the next step. I accepted a teaching position, and am now a part time faculty member (searching for full time, but without a terminal degree those positions are rare). Last semester was brutal, in so many ways and I needed to buckle down & focus on a lot of things.

With the break between semesters I have managed to catch up with a lot of things, and I knew that re-entering the forums was going to be a goal for the break. I apologize for the delay, but I am back now.


@hivefleetbothan So happy you’re in a job! That’s rough going to go through options at any time, much less this year. Gratz!

Also, in my course, we only had peers, not the tutor to discuss things with and occassionally TA’s who, this time on Coursera, weren’t really around. It was better maybe, because the site exploded with people. shrug

Happy to have you back home. :hugs:


I got:
Three games from Steam.
A set of socks (that are mainly for keeping the bottom of your feet from picking up kitchen floor dirt)
And that’s it.


I love a good pair of socks. That’s great. ^^


in chistmas i obtain much clothing like shorts and muscular , dolls of spongebob one doll XD, money and no much more


That’s about the same I got :slight_smile:

Well getting more stuff in sales but more for practical reasons


aaand Valve now wiped the old “classic” default steam emojis from existence in updating the forum emojis to be the new updated ugly af emojis too… :unamused:
Happy fn New Year Steam ! :cocktail:



I’ve got few pairs of socks with sloths for xmas and ain’t even mad. Better than iphone anyway lol.


Sloth socks :0

I got cat socks


A set. Three pairs.


if you ever feel like your cat smells a tiny bit “minty” when you come home, this is what it’s doing while you’re out

it’s a tiktok, doesn’t seem like discourse like that format, lets see what happens with an inline link


Hmm, video doesnt really work. At least for me. Tried on two different devices and browsers.


when a random strangers just suddenly stops up in front of you in the grocery isle, smiles(so much visible despite mask), and says hi, out of nowhere @_@
:thinking: how am i supposed to respond to that you crazy hooman!!, i’m not schooled in your weird customs :confounded:

on a slightly lighhter “i’m not a total jaded introvert cynical recluse”‘note, after being at the doctor waiting outside, a red squirrel ran across the road up a new tree. An old guy at the same side of the road saw this and lit up in his face. He walked over below the tree the squirrel was jumping around in and just stood and watched and looked increasingly merrier as the squirrel kept squirreling on.
A squirrel in a tree, seemingly “making” an ol’ guy’s day, that was kinda something. :pensive:

also twitter gave me this:

y’all better take yer life advice from toilet paper :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I got my SO cat socks… of his actual cat :eyes:

I also gave him Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (a new D&D book) and bought a plastic cauldron and filled it with things he loves, like chocolates, a WoW book, a star wars book, Evee slippers, a guardian amiibo, etc. So it is actually a cauldron of everything :blush:

And I got animal crossing, some silky nightgoowns (so now if my house is haunted I can walk around at night and it’ll fit the theme :ok_hand:) and this cute guy: