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i’m going to bed :sleeping: - and i’ll say it right now, if Tuesday tries to pull any Monday crap like today, then i don’t want to wake up and will stay in bed :triumph:
nn y’all, sleep well when you get there :hugs:, don’t check under the bed for gnomes (they don’t hide there)


Sweet dreams Gnuffi. :slight_smile: :hugs:


Do you ever get the constant overbearing hatred for your life and everything in and around it?


@Rhyagelle Not hatred level, just really low and tired.

Also peeps, I am without a comp until not sure when. Hard drive in laptop and comp itself was older than I knew.


i stayed in bed/home :unamused:

thanks maoski :blush: :hugs:

i’m an introvert hermit for a reason :triumph:
i enjoy the night sky and cold moon more than sunrises, snowed frosty forests makes me want to punch things less than rainbows or unicorns, even meds don’t make me more appreciative/pleased by things
i expect bad things to happen and don’t trust good fortune or windfalls unconditionally
people need to convince me they aren’t arseholes; because by default i don’t initially offer them the benefit of the doubt that they might be a decent person if they’re above the age of 5.
I want to strangle birds/pigeons chirping outside my window and curse my neighbours to the 7th circle of hell everytime they make a noise, even if they just dropped a hairpin.
The Universe hates you and makes you a punching bag just because it can or for some sick form of cheap tiny thrills - all while dangling the illusory carrot that “everything imaginary is possible” and you totally wont be screwed over just for Cosmic laughs if you give it all you have
I’m displeased with Thanos because he made the mistake of only snapping half away when he could have gotten rid of all, and solved every problem

edit… hmm, okay, guess today’s mood was a little more grumpy than i thought :thinking:


@Gnuffi. The feels. Much doom in general and super antsy about trusting people above age 5 easily. ><

Everyone in this house loves noise. Bunny squealing over BTS, the dad and his preacher streams and the lady always has the radio on.

Resigned more than upset. At least they try abut to be quieter when it’s night time. I hate noise - guaranteed jump scares.

Never knew where I fit in this world. Still don’t. Alien squirrel



yup :blush: 100% me today :rofl:




@Aw. @SeekerSupreme. Made me smile. You da best ^^


Very scary squirrel :exploding_head:


turns out the clerk at the pharmacy “screwed” up my recent prescription, nothing bad as such, just ended up wasting me 60€ on a deleted, wrong brand, prescription :unamused:


hang in there gnuffi gnome, bad days tend to have pile-ups of shit going on, but then hopefully tomorrow is a good day


“this store is not run by religious people”


unless they believe soap is the devil :joy:


- Were you a good girl this year?
- Yes, for Satan:3
- ^_^

Mayhem - Black Craft, Merry & Bright


@Gnuffi Oh, I’ve seen that one posted over a couple dozen times in the Atheist FB group I’m in, lmfao

@SeekerSupreme That photo is just badass.



ok Gamespot :joy:

Hell Bald, a game about depression caused by baldness


Even I had to read that twice to see it was misspelled, lolz