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this was totally not done to annoy some super OCD person

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today, is a nice day, (so far) aahhh :relaxed:


I feel broken…It’s even getting worse HERE!!!

I used to think that our current reality is broken because of that weasel that fucked the Hadron Collider, but now I fear that Billy Joel pissed off a wizard somewhere and now he’s locked in a tower, forced to write increasingly horrible new verses to WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE that the wizard makes real with his shitty wizard magics. We need to find and free Billy Joel from the wizard trap! Before all of reality is doomed by his songsmithy! We’re coming, Billy Joel! Just hold on! Don’t write any more! For the love of god, Montressor, don’t try to rhyme anything to “gender-reveal forest-fire!” Wait no Billy Joel what are you writing oh god you’re writing SLENDERMAN WALRUS SPIRE what the fuck does that mean oh god oh shit oh fuck


look on the bright side, at least canadians get to buy milk in bags


That freaked me when I moved here…LOL


Ok…I decided. I want this in blue for Christmas. Make it happen…


if you want more bedroom comfort/stay at home work from bed style feng shui, just follow the lifestyle hacks from this lady :joy:


“Every bite is going to taste like Victoria Secret” :joy:


randomly came across this today while clicking things

i kinda like it
the proles seems looking dissatisfied tho :roll_eyes:


Ugh. Capitalism.



I will never understand Nintendo fans and how they still have the resolve to deal with such a shitty company that they have become.


epic gonna be giving away 2 games each week for 2021 and even more coupons now :rofl:


O really
Thought they were known for summer sales



Not getting the jokes made with the double-standard binary in mind…
But laughing anyway because something else about them is funny.


Frankly, Nintendo has always been shady even in the NES era. They were investigated by the US regarding monopolies if I’m not mistaken after all. People only like them for the games they make, I’m pretty sure they hate the business side of Nintendo.


Maaan, I got all excited before I realized you were merely making fun of Tim Sweeney’s virtue signaling.


Another part of my childhood gone. Chad Stuart RIP :cry:

“Mr. Stuart’s wistful tunes of summer romance brought him and Jeremy Clyde an intense but brief burst of stardom during the British Invasion of the 1960s.”


@Danacscott @AcornAvenger the jig is up :joy: