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only christmas song one needs in life be dis:



This is why you can’t trust online services or “the cloud” to keep your data, you have no control over it and no recourse if it is removed. Youtube in particular is very volatile, if you keep direct bookmarks to videos then at least you have the title saved locally to help you in events like these. I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to find the information you’re looking for, I’ve tried fruitlessly myself before.


YT Playlists:
If one makes notes telling about what the content is, it’ll be easier to remember. I did this for one of my playlists, mainly just because I could. One can go into the playlist editor and make notes on each entry, notes can be anything.


Interesting didn’t know u could
I would consider doingthis however I have several playlists many of which are filled to the youtube maximum amount of videos allowed for each lol


Ah but you can make a complete outfit that can be washed, dry cleaned even scrubbed on a washboard/scrub board using this handy dandy product:

No iron required.

I know people who use it for stage work. I do a lot of hand appliqué and for layered appliqué this product is very helpful. A lot of people hem their pants with it or patch clothes with it.

Not sure where you reside but this is usually, notice the usually please - available at most big box stores, I’ve even seen it in Lowe’s and at Home Depot before I began boycotting them.

Since I like being a hermit and don’t like interacting with people I get mine mail order from either Amazon or

Find a Joann’s Store Near You

OT even more: If anyone is interested I posted the new 30 day Free code for the Washington Post at the bottom of the other posts regarding same. It doesn’t look like anyone has claimed it so if you’re interested… Please if you do claim it post so we know it’s taken.


It’s a kinda weird situation for streaming rn. I can only stream at night, after the kids go to bed, so I’m really just broadcasting to EU people just waking up. A high view count for me is two viewers watching. Regardless, I’ve kept going for months now, getting maybe 1 follow every now and then. I definitely get lurkers, and a few views post broadcast. I suppose that’s a small success in its own right. Still having fun, which is the important part. Even if it’s just 1 or 2 steady fans, that’s more than I thought I’d have, and that makes me happy.


My day has been improved.

There is manhwa called “Solo Leveling”. It is a Korean comic and it is great. The story is good and the art is great. I am happy because this will be made into an anime in a few years. So they made a quick webtoon.

Since it is not Japanese, you won’t see Sakura and Sasuke. But you can get used to the Korean names eventually.


Bah humbug.


Zasuri naran dattarevatsuya, usui dosui ixiro inyure.
(I am not saying anything important, but go ahead and think that I might be.)


Catched a cold. I’m feeling and looking like a shit and everyone at work gives me funny looks because every single disease now must be a corona virus…




hope u get better soon though


@DontBeSilly. Agh! Mein poor sloth. pets gently. Takes in the Vit. C, zinc and get better soon. :hugs:


They call that fearmongering, and it is working. Get well soon, and stay home. Sleep. SLEEP. Your immune system works best when you are at rest, and that is a fact.


Well i wish i could but i’m swamped at work since December is THE MONTH OF WORK in my line of work so i’m having to soldier on through the sickness…


Are you an elf-sloth?


I just hope that they lighten your workload then; an incapacitated employee is a useless one.


more like the other 11 months are THE MONTHS OF COMMUTING TO WORK just to get there in time for THE MONTH OF WORK


pulled over for holding up traffic :joy:


Poor fellow . Despite this image being funny on a surface level sloths experience a lot of issues and dangers trying to reach next treeline … Crossing roads is one of them.


Hope you feel better soon. :hugs:


So first Burger King “restaurant” was just opened today here and guess what. Even though my damn country is second one in Europe in terms of Covid-19 cases hundreds of braindead morons lined up for the opening and local “influencers” were rallying everyone to not miss out the opening . I’m at a loss for words here… Human kind is the dumbest thing ever produced by this universe.