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I can look deeper into bank wire transfers here an option 4 as well.

Even without looking, I haven’t much hope for Paypal. I merely mentioned it for selling my dolls online and the b@tch at the bank looked at me like I was a money launderer. She freaked right out and said they’d have to monitor my account - you know because I’d be raking in millions right away. sigh Dealing with finances in this country does nothing to ease my social anxiety.

Revolut has us listed, but nope - Barbados is not their customer “yet”. Usual CYA disclaimer.

Gonna give things another go, but so far, I’m used to seeing walls wherever I turn. Myrr.

A furry creature thanks you for your input. @SeekerSupreme. :heart: Tis sometimes frustrating to live in paradise, is all. Myrr.


Wait, hollup, you mean to tell me you’ve lost hope because someone at the bank told you so? They ain’t got shit to do with it. And of course they’ll try to discourage you, that’s their competition.
Best advice: don’t ask no single employee of any institution/company about anything, ever. 99% of the time they’re the least likely to know and most likely to mislead you. Do your own research based on legal documents only, otherwise the only thing you’ll ever see is walls.


They cannot do that, unless it is directly tire to your bank account, and only if there’s reasonable suspicion. Even then, there’s a chain of command to follow, or else you can take action.

Addendum: Revolut looks decent, but definitely requires something I do not and will not have access to for the foreseeable future.


Right, the phone issue. Regardless of whether or not you’ll ever choose to use Revolut, I’ll continue this topic. For one, I believe it would make your life easier by granting you access to services and opportunities that are outside of your reach right now. Two, the entry level costs might not be what you think they are.

Some assumptions first:

  • You need it first and foremost as a identification/authentication factor for contacts with various businesses (banks, fintechs, employers, etc.) and not for actual extended communication over the mobile networks (you’ve got the internet for that)
  • You don’t need mobile data (and when you want internet access on your phone, you can connect to a wifi router at home or at public place, at no cost)
  • You want a prepaid service, so you can change the provider or drop the service and payments at any time; also, no credit history needed

So, there are two, aspects:

  1. The phone - this one is the one, major, one-time investment. You could choose to start with a call/SMS-only abled phone at probably 20$, but many services nowadays choose to be mobile(app) first, and it soon might turn out to be a sunk cost. So let’s say you’re aiming at a smartphone; you can get a reasonably recent (ca 2017) used, unlocked Android phone for around 50-70$ on Ebay.

  2. The service - a variety of mobile providers (MVNOs) to choose from, with the cost of active service around 0/5/10$ per month:

Now, there’s some extra things to consider when selecting the phone and the service, but hopefully the idea itself won’t be as financially daunting - if you ever choose to look into it.


I think this is my vpn. But it’s not. So I’m from “Czechia” now.



I merely mentioned it for selling my dolls online and the b@tch at the bank looked at me like I was a money launderer.

I’ve talked to bank tellers before and they are wary because that is almost how rich people transfer money among each other. You know those art exhibitions with abstract art that look like trash? If I recall correctly, first they buy the trash art for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That art holds the value of hundreds of thousands of dollars and can be resold to their buddy if they want a bribe. I think it also does something with being tax-free or tax deductible but it’s been a long time since that conversation.

Anyway, that teller thought you might be a front for 2 rich people to pass funds through. As dumb as it is, they can’t stop you and let them monitor you as much as they want. As long as big money single purchases aren’t happening, they should leave you alone. However, I don’t know your laws and business customs. :man_shrugging:


Back when I was investigating online banking to see how a business would be run, I bookmarked a lot of them. Sadly most of them required US citizenship/residence. I even accidentally bookmarked one requiring UK citizenship, HA!

I looked through them all and narrowed them down to these. I did a bit of reading and attempted enrollment to test it out. Maybe you can try these and see how far you can get in the application before your location is unacceptable. (Uh oh. When I checked out this application it asked for SSN but then it has Barbados as a country. I think I prematurely removed other online bank options…)

If anyone knows if any of these sites are shady, let me know. I’m pretty sure I compiled these from a forum somewhere. But I haven’t tried them since it was a thought exercise.


Simple, PenFed and Chime are just online retail banks with a range of services adequate to any standard local retail bank. They are of no use for someone who wants to operate internationally (regardless of whether or not they’re available anywhere outside of US).

Fidelity is a broker - providing trading services (stock market, CFDs, etc.). For our use case - of no use.

Stripe is an API operated platform. Dana no robot, Dana squirrel.

Payoneer could be used for the job. Their range of services and operations looks relatively limited and the fees high, but still - it’s an option.


15C inside, every window open + balcony door, fan on and pointed directly at me - and still i’m boiling and sweating like a pig in a broiler :unamused:
-if i didn’t know better i’d think i had menopause :confounded:


Snowing outside here, high today is 2 C, low about -8 C. I am huddled inside unwilling to go outside in warm fuzzy clothing, drinking a hot beverage.

You are having manopause…


srs hope not :rofl: i feel like i’m not old enough for that yet :weary:, tho i do feel the “i’m too old for this sht” lately :laughing:


Tell me about it.

for living currently in the US… lol.


Excited and yet nervous. A couple days ago, my bike broke due to angry puppos and I use that to get to work. Today I put the down payment on a new bike. If I get fired now…I’m screwed! :rofl:


Chase you they did?


Yea, attacked me and knocked me down a hill.


puppies destroyed your bike ? @_@


They weren’t puppies, they were oversized Corgis…and small dogs have a tendency to be more violent than their larger ones. They chased bit, tore me off my bike and I fell down a hill. xD


is it mean i kinda want to see CCTV of this event? :rofl:
srs tho, hope you’re okay even if your bike is not


Seeing is believing. I can’t bring it to mind. O_O

@Rhyagelle Phew! Glad you didn’t take more physical damage to your person. Those doggos were determined nuh?


you know how when you have chinese takeout leftovers in the fridge, and just throw it all together for breakfast? :drooling_face::yum::drooling_face:


I’m annoyed. I wanted to listen to my youtube playlist of christmas songs because tis the season.

But what do I see? 3+ are private or removed. How do I find out what the songs were and who sung them? If it at least had the video title, I could search for another version of the song that is allowed. All I have is the youtube link.

After searching for a few hours unsuccessfully, I pressed every button in my empty youtube channel and can’t find anything. I googled the web address, nothing. Checked the wayback machine, nope. Checked, nope. Ended with trying youtuberecover and nothing.

The only final option is to…go to my youtube watch history and load thousands of video thumbnails. Then afterward, ctrl+f another song in the playlist, find it. And look directly at the songs in their order to find the songs. But this is pretty desperate.

Will I ever remember the missing songs? Will youtube be useful for once?
Will someone be smarter than me and know what to do?

The mystery continues…


Reminds me I need to start digging out stuff to put together for a Christmas list and get non-youtube copies of it.

It’s very hard when you prefer to not have music that you would hear in church or the store. (okay the store bit is easy since they just play the same damn 6 songs)