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@SeekerSupreme Imagine if Steve Harvey was a kisser like Richard Dawson was, lolz
(different times/ethics back then of course but all the same - pretty sure it would be hilarious)
The answers that show in the video thumbnail are in relation to:
Which President of the United States had their spouse committed to a mental asylum?
(I knew this one-of course most people would not)
@Danacscott Yeah; the trivia itself is somewhat dated, though the majority of the questions were general trivia or television-related. Most trivia game shows from 1960-1989 were like that, even Jeopardy had a similar focus, at first (before Trebek was host, RIP :slightly_frowning_face:). General trivia, television, movies, music, academics, in order from highest to lowest priority for categories.

"What is ‘general trivia’?"
Mainly, facts about X/Y/Z that are not necessarily well-known/well-memorized en mass; covers a large subject base that academic facts tend to miss and tend to stump people a lot more than academic facts, at least, this was so back then, not so much now (now actually being from 1994 onwards), where academic facts are more likely to stump people then general trivia, but then again, academic facts have also evolved exponentially.

If Trivia Trap were to be brought back (I’d love this - no lie), there’s no doubt in my mind that the questions would be much harder, but also, the contestants themselves would be that much more apt to tackling them. That and it wouldn’t be for a ten grand ‘pot of gold’ (at least it doesn’t have ljn’s logo on it lolz), but likely at least tenfold that.

Anyway, what say you, @delenn13?


Demon’s Souls Remake looks so insane and i cannot play it! Gonna cry :(((((


HUH? :crazy_face:


Never mind.


I would of thought you would of had the largest amount of input for the trivia…


I just realized we missed our Inktober topic where we can all draw the things.

It’s ok. I was too busy and couldn’t participate anyway. But still, I would have liked to see everyone try.

Next year!


I expended all my talent last year, couldn’t possible muster the kind of masterpieces I was cranking out like clockwork back then.


I heard some people were boycotting inktober and doing alternative draws because the guy who owns it did some questionable stuff. Or at least the official prompts.
Then again the point of inktober is just to draw in ink and that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t think I had the energy to do such a thing myself anyways lol


Completely random, but I’ve developed an interest in studying the mechanic trade. Haven’t contacted any schools yet, since I’m trying to figure out if it’s a definite interest or just a passing fad for me.


Well, I just realized that some people think it’s funny to make fun of those that mistake one thing for another due to being miswired aka autistic.

Brings this to mind:
Brutal Doom Demon: "DIE!"
Me, with an SSG: BLAM! “No, u.” lolz


You need to make that fact KNOWN. I don’t think anyone on this forum reads minds. People are nicer than you think if they are aware of a situation.


If it was about what I said in kyle’s giveaway, it was just a small joke with no ill intent. But if it bothered you, I’m sorry and I will simply delete the post if you wish. Just let me know. :wink:


you know how mamma always said “look on the positive side of things”, as she was taking out the paddle from the closet?

well that reminded, all this mask shenanigans probably has its upside too :thinking:

  1. probably gonna help a bit with the regular flu season
  2. less bad breath encounters :+1:
  3. and most importantly: people can’t see me miming along to songs! :blush:


RE: Meanies to Autistic People:
It was not here specifically; though the jab at me in said giveaway was overkill, like, I get it; obviously I’m the ‘newbie-dunce’ and haven’t learned what I needed to know.
(I also don’t believe in the ‘male/female’ gender binary double-standard and thus don’t use ‘man/woman’ in my writing-ever)

No; had I gone on the same tirade in the same forums where the incident occurred, it would of been a ban/suspension because people are stupid and shouldn’t ever be allowed a ‘banhammer at a whim’, which I most surely would of been subject to. It’s already happened to me once this year because I have done my research rather than believe/parrot the words of everyone else about any given thing, and I strongly advise everyone else to do the same because that is how society evolves, and grows towards betterment and enlightenment, oh, and go back to coin currency, FFS…

Yes, I have autism; I am also non-binary. I am as non-‘straight’ as it gets, and yet, my career choice, was making salves, inhalants and elixirs. Go figure. #Alchemist
Then, I find myself here, imprisoned in mortal flesh. Who/Why, I dunno, may never know.


workin’ on it


Good news everyone, I now own a cheap clothes iron!
I can now get around to adjusting and setting up the curtains I bought near 2 years ago, maybe this is the year that’ll finally happen.


2020 still has 1 month and a few days, you can do it!


Or you could make a dress for the lady in your life…



I don’t think you can conjure up dresses with an iron alone. I’d need a sewing machine for that, something I have considered getting at some point or another.


lolz Takes more than an iron to make a dress, xD

Need more than this too.

I meant physical, silver, coins. Something accessible to those like myself that are unable to access digital currency without cheating/‘begging’/relying on physical wallet cards.


I remember making several dresses for school art lessons they never gave them back tho lol
One of them used this weird fabric reversal technique