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crap… now he’s gonna sue fox news too? :no_mouth:, then he’ll really be out of friends :laughing:



stap it, :laughing: :rofl:


Election: Pray to the RNGoddess that you get enough winning tickets to win the lottery.





i’m ded :rofl:


I’m not really sure where else i could leave this so it will go here.

Since Apex Legends just came to Steam i decided to give it a go ( i was avoiding this whole battle royal craze like plague ) and i found it sort of fun to play . So if any of you guys are still playing this feel free to hit me up on Steam and maybe we can play together? Everything is more fun with friends … i suppose :smiley:

Btw just won my first game .



Grats, I guess. I play FPS games like Unreal and Unreal Tournament for that kind of action.

(finger slipped off of shift and went down onto control-I’m not done)

It’ll be a relief when I don’t have to hear about ‘election this, plandemic that’ whenever I wake up, because it makes me wanna go right back to bed. ENOUGH OF THAT VICARIOUS CRAP. WE GOT THAT FOR WATCHING MOVIES; WATCH MOVIES.


Also, I just learned of the passing of Alex Trebek. :expressionless:

May the Divines have guided him to peace…





tfw one recognizes the material used for the YTP called Beavis and Butthead Prank Call Hitler

@Pylinaer I watched the 20/20 tribute to Trebek; kinda saddening that Double Dare was mentioned as a mere blurb because the game show form factor was a novel concept, though the same could be said for many game shows from 1960-1989.


Trivia Trap: A novel concept in its’ first iteration in which getting the correct answer was to BE AVOIDED… (1984-1985)


A numbing quote: "“With 1,000 deaths per day, it’s like two jumbo jets dropping from the sky,” Dr. Carlos del Rio, an infectious-disease specialist at Emory University, told the Times. “If every day, two jumbo jets would drop from the sky and kill everybody, don’t you think that everybody would be in a panic?”


Sure they would, those planes are expensive.


the question is why would everybody be standing right on the spot where the planes would fall, and more importantly, how would that even be possible


also, if everybody got killed the first day, there wouldn’t be anybody left to panic anyway



I actually have a question.
How many of those who view this thread, watched the Trivia Trap video and tried to answer the questions? Also, how many of them did you know which answer to avoid as it was the correct answer? I actually knew all but one or two.


Personally I find the only thing enjoyable about any game show ever, is Steve Harvey.

Out of curiosity I’ve strained my patience till the end of the second question. Had no idea what either of them was about. I can only hope it would be the same for the rest of them.


@Amyrakunejo That trivia is too out of my experience even for the first question. O_O Never had access to those shows. I vaguely remember Falcon Crest and a bit of Dallas.