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Same on steam. Tempting,actually.


I got a job. It’s tiring and my feet hurt, and I’m learning stuff that makes my head spin, but gosh do I hope I don’t screw anything up. Hopes up!


Bored of being bored


Whoot! Soak those feet after a long day. Mine are giving hell from too many errands in one day. T_T

@dogetail pet pupper Reminds me: when the last time I did a board game ‘night’ with the Chronies?


… so, it would seem a couple of mosquitoes had snuck in and have had an all you can eat Gnuffi-buffet during the night… :unamused:



If not for Dengue, Zika and the other stuff our local mosquitoes give people, I’d find that graphic really cute: it’s really well done.

One of my knees still occasionally hurts thanks to the moski illness and I limped for months after first recovering.


It’s just nature doing its thing though, I’ve had Zika and it sucks, but what can we do about it other than what we already try.


It do. I’ve never had the shakes that bad in my whole life: sweating and still feeling cold. T_T Yah, it’s life, a sucky part of life. Yah, I said that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugh. Mosquitoes. Gnats. Flies… :rage:

Crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers… :heartpulse:


and so the saga of Heisenberg the greatest meth cook comes to an end



talk about a plot twist :dizzy_face:


Made better fuel enhancements than 'mUrIcA, among other alchemic achievements unmentioned.


thursday october 29th 2020 is the day my government (finally) mandated use of masks - indoors… as in only while you are inside a store; you don’t have to wear it while walking the crowded streets, transport stations etc etc “outside” :+1: the fn logic is brilliant :unamused: :confounded: :man_facepalming:


Mandate needs to include that the M90’s are to be provided cost-free, OR THEY CAN GET WRECKED. TO THE VOID WITH FORCED WEALTH-BASED PRIVILEGE!!


most people here aren’t using m90’s but triple layered “surgical masks” or whatever they are called, which costs less than 50c a piece
^tho ofc there are idiots with homemade/knitted masks already :man_facepalming:


I’m relegated to using a scarf; having the one that clinics give to patients waiting to be seen by a doctor (not meant to be worn more than once and not for more than twelve hours and not for use whilst doing strenuous tasks including walking about) was a very bad experience, so…

I may not go anywhere, but that’s what I have access to. Like, how am I supposed to pay for something proper, WITH MY FARTS!? (referencing William Murderface at the end there)


dang, i just love the british weather we’re having, dripping, grey and drab for weeks :ok_hand:
^except i’m not in freaking England… :unamused: