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It is already too late for @M00. ^^ Got petted already. :stuck_out_tongue:


No cuddling. He’s married to a wonderful woman.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation:


lol. ^^ Just petting for him, hugs and cuddles aren’t created equal, luckily :angel:


Covid: cases in U.S. reach highest level since late July

Yet certain people continue to campaign without social distancing, or masks and figuratively dance on the graves of the 216,522 fatalities in the United States which have been attributed to the coronavirus since February, and the more than 7.9 million cases have been reported.

Y.M.C.A. and Macho Man are played every night in almost every gay bar in the USA. I wonder if there is someone in his campaign picked those 2 songs for him to dance to out of spite?

Is anyone else as emotionally exhausted as I am? I’ve lost 3 friends already to this and I found out today one of my friends from down South went via ambulance to the hospital with breathing problems.

He has not been out of his home or had contact with anyone since Feb. Not certain how he became ill.

I don’t want to lose anyone else.


i’m just glad we don’t have that many cases here, still i want to punch people when i’m outside because people are being so relaxed about it all - despite being in a rebound wave
and i get all fuzzy and warm inside when i see like the 1 person in 1000 that’s actually wearing a mask :fist:


headaches… why ? … :unamused:


Hmm…because heads?


Context: I just watched Lana Del Rey’s newest music video and saw a pregnant woman that at first glance looked like Lana, so I was curious if she was pregnant and did a little research and this came up:


Look at the date it was posted, lmao, after all those years people mocking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer being too slow and memes with IE bringing outdated news, I just couldn’t help myself but laugh. Even though they’re posting “from the future”, the subject would be outdated at that date anyway. :rofl:

At least they tried?



angry rant, sorry

I hate being on the verge of homelessness. I hate poverty. I hate politicians who can’t work together to save their own constituents. I hate the media. I hate how the laws are designed to keep people like me down. I hate how much the world depends on money. I hate the situation I grew up in and can’t seem to escape.



Is there any situation where one can live off of that realistically, for a month?


In places with low costs of living, sure. I get by on less than that, but that’s because I live in one of the cheaper areas in the US, don’t have mortgage/rent to pay, have very low transportation expenses because I work from home, have no pets or children, and piggy-back on a family member’s car and home insurance policies. This is an unusual and very fortunate situation, and not something one can arrange for themselves when they’re already in financial trouble.


Depends i guess. If you are talking solely about US my knowledge is limited but my best guess is that different states have widely different prices for stuff and housing.

500$ could be very little or it could be liveable at least?


Hmmm. Since that’s SSI money on my end, sounds like it is not a realistic possibility unless I have someone to leech off of. Bleah. This is an Orwellian nightmare. Whoever read Orwell’s books and decided that it was a good idea to use the situations therein outside of the books against people is a sick f*ck.


Fluffy white BS is in the forecast…


Winter is coming, at least in the northern hemisphere and if you’re living somewhere somewhat northerly it’s starting to get dark pretty early on now. If you’re outside having a stroll, walking your dogs or whatever business you might have please use safety reflectors.

This evening I already had almost two collisions with invisible people walking around in poorly lit conditions in dark clothes. Also nearly ran over a tiny black dog which I didn’t even see until it was right besides me, so make sure to put some reflective tape or something on the leash or hang a LED bulb of some sort off them some how. Had that owner been less observant or had 10cm more slack on her leash I would have killed a dog tonight.

I have a really good light on my bicycle but you’re not visible if you do not reflect that light very well. Even if there’s street lighting you may be very well hidden in shadows or if there’s oncoming traffic you may be entirely hidden in a car’s headlights.

They’re not expensive, they shouldn’t be very hard to get hold of and they’re not particularly complicated to operate. Get a few safety reflectors and use them, please.


Sounds like every single morning to me. I have to drive pats two schools and a hospital to my work place so first kilometer or so is just trying to make out all random children and elder people trying to cross street in all those other places other than actually well lit crosswalks…


I actually did run into an issue where I wanted to get some reflectors.

Around here, they’re NOT easy to come by, if you’re relegated like I am to brick and mortar stores only, and don’t even try places like Sprawl Mart that have a limited selection in several areas (you should see how little they have in shoes unless you’re a size five to eight).

I’m sure I could get some off of Blamazon or whatever, but online doesn’t accept cash and that’s all I’ve got. I have to buy Steam Wallet cards to get money onto my Steam Wallet but that’s still using cash for procurement from brick and mortar stores.
(only covering Steam just in case anyone mentions that)
Yeah; they’re trying to get rid of physical currency. I think they’ve done this (or have said so) in a few places, which I doubt because digital currency has no surmountable value, and paper currency is debt no more and no less. Anyway, even if they got rid of physical currency, I still wouldn’t have access because I still wouldn’t have the means of acquiring access, and then I’d be really screwed unless I went back-alley barter (which I won’t discuss further).

Winter is coming…yet last night I could of went for a walk in a short skirt.


Don’t anyone clutch your pearls …or anything But I think I need about 25 for my tree and NOTHING ELSE!!! Any one else???


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