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got to protect those young innocent kiddos.

Even though they already learned them (and more creative ones) at school.


Stop saying feck and dafuq in steam forums, Gnuffi! :smile:

Gaben see it all.


Censorship is still stupid.


… today i woke up and found a steam message from a moderator, “you’ve been given a Community warning for Bypassing the Profanity Filter”:unamused:

i didn’t eve know that was a thing/in the Community Guidelines as an offense :no_mouth: @_@ :exploding_head: - i’ve been typing/spelling the way i have for years and this is the first time i hear about it… :man_facepalming:


you’ve been a very naughty gnome!


Appeal it.


Knotty gnome


love how social media be like like


ToS intensifies


rofl, that’s not how binding contracts work though

btw, the reader of this post agrees to pay me $1 million, which means you are now indebted to me, so you better start paying, but the good news is I dont charge interest


And to add to the stupidity:

The White House blocked the C.D.C. from requiring masks on public transportation.

Anyone have a wall I can bang my head against for a few hours?

I’m not a doctor and I have never played one on TV but I do know this is dangerous and more than likely politically motivated.

Also this was before the fly landed on his head so he can’t blame the fly for this bad decision.

I get so frustrated when common sense seems to be abandoned.

If you can stand to read more, there is more further down on the page.

Stay safe everyone.



New York Slime


… sigh, tomorrow is monday again :pensive:
gonna sign off and hit the hay catch som Zzzs - hope y’all have have a great sunday evening :hugs:

…(now please just don’t let monday start out with news of some disaster like a new impending apocalypse :crossed_fingers:, srs 2020 just chill out now :weary:)




It’s because all of the grapes are proprietary to the specific vineyard where they are grown, it’s like a trademarked type of grape with name/flavor/etc. So my wife was looking into growing grapes and there were a couple of kinds that we bought from the grocery store that she wanted to try to grow, turns out you cannot buy plants/shoots/etc unless you have express permission from the people who own the rights to that particular plant, we just dropped it and moved on.


oh yea i know the reason why it’s there, patented fruits veggies and other “natural” goods allover :roll_eyes:, it’s ridiculous - it’s just funny when stuff you eat suddenly comes with a “EULA” :laughing: capitalism rules :fist: :clown_face:


Just because the patent exists doesn’t mean you can’t grow it yourself; you just can’t market it as your own and make a profit. That’s a bylaw they must go by.

Not that it really makes any sense-grow and eat whatever you want; if someone comes by and says that you can’t do that, tell them to f*ck off because they’ve no right to tell you what you can and cannot do. One hundred percent unarguable fact coming from someone who has lived the experience of a lawless society based on trust and backed by open trade.

TELL ME THAT CANNOT POSSIBLY WORK WHEN I’VE SEEN IT WORK FIRSTHAND is like telling me that there’s only two sexes and genders when that’s a bunch of unproven theories pushed by the Church and the State which I can give you mountains of evidence to peruse (but you won’t).


I am just going to put this out here…Hide @M00 :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just be careful that you don’t try that with certain types of cows…the ones with substantially longer horns might not like it as much, lolz