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Ah yea I seen that I think but I forgot how cool they were :0


I’ve tried my hand at making jelly cakes before.

IT’S REALLY DIFFICULT. My best effort turned into a goopy amoeba-like slimy mess. It was edible, sure, but imagine eating a very sweet, vanilla-flavored Ditto…


I guess they mean any changes to the master build make it “re-mastered.”


:unamused:, sunday can’t come quickly enough :sleeping:




curious to see what will happen with that


unless it’s a stunt/ploy shortly before something big is to happen/after something “bad” happened that shifts the attention/conversation :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you LISTEN to your cake???


It is confirmed now, HIGH FIVE! :smile:


nothing really beats Brüno, an octagonring and the Titanic theme song for me

but i’m sure the world will be “ready” for … this ? :man_shrugging:



This has been my mood lately…

And pretty much this too…

But I am not giving up hope…

And a friend sent me this…this morning…


But let’s not forget that a whole bunch of American women buy expensive purses to carry their wee little bitty dogs into nice air conditioned stores while they leave their babies in those Easy Bake Oven cars.

Luxury Dog Carriers

Not to mention parents who forget they had their babies in the car to drop off at daycare and left them in the car all day:

Father Acquitted

I’ve heard of leaving your keys in your car, and other insignificant things, but forgetting your children?

Sorry, that is beyond my comprehension.


nature be like: “how can i improve my murder machines?” :thinking:


Moray Eels: One of the few that hardly need teeth at all since they’re more than capable of swallowing their prey whole and alive. They also grow large enough for such prey to include humanoids, it’s a fact. There are several carnivorous/omnivorous species of animals that are indeed predators to homosapiens.

By the by, did you know that most butterflies are omnivorous?


I think you’ve been taking your biology lessons at the wrong crackhouse.



aye that was my immediate thought, “now i know where they got the xenomorph mouth inspiration from” :no_mouth:


First time I saw that vid was as an example of a particular type of vowels shaping, in an online singing course, lol. O_o The guys had fun for sure with that one.

:hugs: Sounds you’ve really been having a time otherwise.




Reaper, come for me; I’ll take up the oar if I don’t have enough silver to pay the fare.


… Steam added “dafuq” to the forum’s censor filter :unamused: