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Sweet Mercy, Valve…


My personal opinion. I don’t care that the 2080 Ti was $1200, I compare the 3080 against it since they are both flagship parts. It is, for me, as expected. For many others - not so much. I was expecting about 30% over the 2080 Ti and well. It kinda got that.

I’ll be waiting for AMD’s response and the 3070.


I wish…Plus, that means no cooking…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


wait, why settle for six weeks, there are still 3 more months of this hell-year, and i’m not personally sure 2021 is gonna settle in nice and easy quickly in the first couple of months :thinking:
-you know what, hit my out for 6months doc, then we can take a look at things :+1:


What do you mean? It’s only March 201st.


If we’re gonna talk about the idiocy of the current time system, let us talk about the fact that we went from ten months, to twelve. That we have an inconsistent number of days per month. That twenty-four hours is now less than a single day. That the global clock’s accuracy has diminished to less than ninety percent.

That systematic time is a CONSTRUCT.


Am i alone who really doesnt mind 2020 that much? I mean you can take every single year of properly recorded human history and find a lot of terrible things happened during that year.

I feel like ‘ou mai gad 2020 so bad’ is a strong exaggeration for the sake of it.

Stuff happened. We are still here. Seems like any other year to me.


to be fair, you also don’t live in the US. Which is where a lot of the 2020 is the worst is probably stemming from.


Yup. But dont worry , my region has a lot of troubles of its own .


Trust me as a non US citizen even I am not having the best time in 2020, and this is from the same person who didn’t really mind 2016 all too much.


My crojo shows up and then leaves again. Why can’t chocolate solve everything?


And drivin’ 'cross farms!!

(song was the BGM of a game/movie/dreamscape)



“that thing you like is trash, and you are trash for liking it” :face_with_monocle:
-now have a blessed monday as you go about your business :pray:


I was joking about there being a restaurant like tgi fridays but for mondays lol
It probably be a bit like that haha


as always reddit asking the important questions:



the red guy on the right controls my life :disappointed:


One on a right is probably an antiwaxer.



Simplicity helps a long way in memorability. As much as I enjoy games like Destiny 2 with its beautiful artstyle, I can’t help but feel charmed playing the newer Rayman games for example.