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The OT Thread!! Post Here When You Feel The Need!



I’d say idealistic communism, seeing how they’re bound to obey a strict set of rules, and especially when you consider a parable between “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” and Newton’s third.
If you add a solenoid, you’ll get actual communism.

Trying to decide which branch to hang them from?


I moved strangly yesterday in the morning and now my back hurts like hell. Am I officially an old person now?



3 am in the night :no_mouth::thinking:
mixing Pepsi and Coke


OMG I got a Steam Booster pack. I can’t remember the last time I got one of those!

and it looks like it’s worth practically nothing. sounds about right.


Really slow Monday at work. Only thing worse than a lot of work is no work at all… brain is slowly turning into strawberry jelly.


I dunno; as long as the position pays by salary/wage rather than actual work done, I’d rather be bored than swamped.


“Tastes like RC Cola.” ~LGR


My old DVD Player only has AV out. I saw a video where you can use it as a screen for a console, but you need to have AV in/out.

Any techie person know a workaround using a converter or some such?


Unless your player’s AV port is actually a mislabeled I/O, it cannot be done (not without transformers-level electronics wizardry).


If it is only AV Output, it would likely take some very steady hands with a soldering iron to make the needed changes to the circuitry.


@SeekerSupreme, @Amyrakunejo Thanks, I thought it wasn’t really likely, but couldn’t hurt to ask. As for steady hands, I can be a klutz, so maybe not, lol.


Me almost every morning…

This morning included


RPG Maker has officially made it to the switch store.

The store has been steadily declining in quality under the premise of being indie friendly. It seems to lack appropriate QC.


I see a big AAA game soon to premier on Steam, with tons of $ coming to its advertising campaign. I go to its Steam page. I smash that “ignore” button.

It’s the tiny things in life.




I grabbed that one, thank you for Road Redemption.


I wanna play the remaster of THPS 1+2.


Steam added “feck” to the forum’s censor filter :unamused:


Since dvd’s are digital in, it’s likely your dvd player doesn’t have any analog input.